22 times celebrity nails said yes to Kiara Sky

Kylie Jenner wearing Kiara Sky polish

There have been plenty of times we’ve spotted celebrity nails in the wild wearing a Kiara Sky nail color, and every time we do, a KS employee gets their wings. 

From the Kardashians to the D'Amelio's to J Lo herself, KS polish has made the rounds in Hollywood. But what are some of our favorite celebrity nail matches?

Let’s take a look at 22 right now.

Lauren’s perfect almond nails

We didn’t think we could get anymore obsessed with the stunning Lauren London. But we were proven wrong the moment we spotted her wearing ‘Something Sweet.’

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Sarah Paulson’s dainty set

Sarah Paulson probably wouldn’t be repping these colors on the set of American Horror Story, but we’re sure glad she’s repping them IRL.

🎨Shop the shade: Milky White + Pink Powderpuff

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Kylie Jenner’s striking claws

The Kardashians regularly slip on Kiara Sky polishes, and we absolutely love them for it. Doesn’t Kylie Jenner look stunning with these silver chrome nails?

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Hailey Beiber’s nude nails

Hailey Beiber is drop dead gorgeous, but she looks even more gorgeous with this Kiara Sky nude shade on her nails. Straight tens all around.

🎨Shop the shade: Soho

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Kim K’s silver daggers

Who wore it first? Kim or Kylie? Either way, we’re obsessed.

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Courtney’s chocolate fingernails

We love a good chocolate-y shade, and apparently Courtney Kardashian does, too.

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Charlie D’Amelio’s black manicure

Not everyone can pull off a black nail polish, but Charlie sure can.

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Hailey’s ‘Soho’ love affair

Soho really is that perfect of a color. Just ask Mrs. Beiber.

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The D’Amelio’s are pretty in pink

We have so many amazing pink nail colors that we could never pick a favorite, but this shade of pink does look kind of perfect on the D’Amelio sisters.

🎨Shop the shade: The Cosmos

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Olivia Munn speaks through her nails

From fashion statements to political statements, nails are never just nails, and Miss Olivia totally gets that.

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Kim’s matching polish

Why not match the bright orange shirt with some bright orange nails? At least, that’s what Kim thinks.

🎨Shop the shade: Caution

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Katy Perry’s classic nude nails

Every time Katy is caught in a Kiara Sky color, we know something magical is about to go down.

🎨Shop the shade: Lunar Or Later

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Khloe’s milky perfection

Another Kardashian strikes again, and this time, she’s looking flawless in our Milky White polish.

🎨Shop the shade: Milky White

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J Lo’s perfect yellow manicure

It’s not every day that the multi-talented, ultra-beautiful Jennifer Lopez wears Kiara Sky. So when she does, we celebrate.

🎨Shop the shade: New Yolk City

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Jessica Alba rocks a best-seller

Just like Jessica, we also like to match our polish to our outfit. But unlike Jessica, we’re not ever wearing Versace.

🎨Shop the shade: Bare With Me

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Selena Gomez is a shooting star in Shooting Star

Are we really that surprised that Selena Gomez looks incredible in this Kiara Sky shade? Not really. She looks incredible in anything.

🎨Shop the shade: Shooting Star

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Lali’s nails get creamy

When it comes to celebrity nails and Kiara Sky, nude is where it’s at, and Lali is totally down with this.

🎨Shop the shade: Cream Of The Crop

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Khloe gets simple with Simple Life

We’re not sure what we love more — Khloe’s hair, that turtleneck, or her manicure. A perfect triple threat in our opinion.

🎨Shop the shade: The Simple Life

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Olivia’s matching set

Like we said, we love to see the nails match the gown, and Olivia Munn does it so well.

🎨Shop the shade: Pure White

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Kylie’s milky set

The Kardashian’s must share polishes, because our Milky White definitely gets around.

🎨Shop the shade: Milky White + Chatterbox

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Becky G’s holographic nails

Our holographic rub-on powder is extremely popular, and it looks absolutely FIRE on Becky G. Bravo, bravo.

🎨Shop the shade: Holla-Gram

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Christina says ‘Wine Not?’

We’re good here, thanks. Our deep red polish, Wine Not, looks amazingly perfect on this pop superstar.

🎨Shop the shade: Wine Not

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