26 nail designs with diamonds that absolutely kill it

Nail designs with diamonds are superior to nail designs without diamonds. It's a fact.

If those diamonds are multi-colored and multi-sized, you've just leveled up. And if you've thrown those stones onto a perfect matte base or a stunning shade of pink, you've officially made it to nail royalty.

But what are some of our favorite nail designs with diamonds? Let's take a look at 26 now.

Nothing but stones

Recreate this look: Pink Paradise + Moonstone + Ocean Eyes + Seaglass

Look created by: @nailsbyyvetteemariee

Down the middle


Recreate this look: Pink Paradise + Moonstone

Look created by: @nailsbymelanie1

Blinged-out flames


Recreate this look: Silver Dollar + Rose Gold

Look created by: @nailedbymary

KS nail design with diamonds


Recreate this look: Pink Paradise + Moonstone

Look created by: @fiepedersen.dk

Water droplets


Recreate this look: Ocean Eyes

Look created by: @fiepedersen.dk

Big gems and silver glitter ombre


Recreate this look: Feelin NuttyPink Paradise + Moonstone

Look created by: @fabysnails

Mint nails with minimalistic gems


Recreate this look: Moonstone + High Mintenance + Mermaid

Look created by: @fabysnails

Spider diamond


Recreate this look: Black To Black + White CanvasMoonstone 

Look created by: @fabysnails

Oversized green gems on a nude base


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Look created by: @sandras_nailssss

Big diamonds on orange stiletto nails


Recreate this look: Caution

Look created by: @sandras_nailssss

Gold glitter ombre tips with simple gold gems


Recreate this look: Sugar High + You're Golden, Baby!

Look created by: @sandras_nailssss

Light blue nail design with diamonds


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Look created by: @sandras_nailssss

Bold glitter with bold diamonds


Recreate this look: Blue Fin

Look created by: @sandras_nailssss

Princess rhinestones with light pink glitter


Recreate this look: Moonstone + Tahitian Princess

Look created by: @nailedbyterry

Yellow tips and gold stones


Recreate this look: Strike Gold + Be Jeweled + New Yolk City

Look created by: @nailedbyterry

Elegant coffin nails


Recreate this look: Be Jeweled 

Look created by: @nailedbyterry

Extra long stilettos with silver stones


Recreate this look: Moonstone

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Multi-patterned with cuticle stones


Recreate this look: Pink Paradise + Moonstone + Styleletto + Disco Queen

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Fall rhinestone perfection


Recreate this look: Whiskey Business + Peach-A-Roo 

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Purple & blue with glitter & gems


Recreate this look: Ocean Eyes + Northern Lights + Royal + After The Reign

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Pink French tip nails with stunning studs


Recreate this look: Pixie PinkMoonstone

Look created by: @mxs.nails

Matte base with multi-sized gold stones


Recreate this look: Wifey MaterialBe Jeweled

Look created by: @dawn.marie_nails

Sunflowers & gems


Recreate this look: Be Jeweled + Blonded + Black Tie Affair

Look created by: @dawn.marie_nails

Extra long beautiful brown nails


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Look created by: @cheyennesnails_

Sparkly gold goals


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Look created by: @cheyennesnails_

Pretty in pink


Recreate this look: Pink Tiara + Pink Panther + Dress To Impress + Bare Velvet + Silver Dollar

Look created by: @cheyennesnails_