These 10 flame nails are hotter than hot

pink and white flame nails

Photo by @anouskaanastasia via Instagram

Flame nails may sound a little cheesy, and that’s because they are. However, flame nails can be cheesy and super cute at the same time. Seriously. It’s true. 

But when we talk about flames on nails, we’re not just talking about red and yellow fire. We’re talkin’ pastels, hearts, holographic overlays, and more.   

Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite flame nail designs.

1. Ombre Heart Flames

We love everything about these flames. First off, the light pink to deep red ombre is to die for. And second off, those hearts in the middle of the flames are absolute perfection. 

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2. Skinny Flames

Fendi print aside, these orange to yellow flames are gorgeous, and the skinner flames are a nice change.

Recreate This Look: New Yolk City + Caution

3. Pastel Flame Nails

Who knew pastel flames could look so cute? And that nude overlay isn’t half bad either. 😍

Nude 🠞 Yours Truly 

Pastels 🠞 Chatterbox + Main Squeeze + High Maintenance + Skies The Limit

4. Coral Flames

We love how subtle these flames are, and we love how abstract this set looks as a whole. And just in case you want to know what else we love, we also really love coral. 

Get This Look: Romantic Coral + Pure White

5. Holographic Flames

We're huge fans of holographic nails, and obviously, we’re fans of flame nails, too. Put the two together and you got yourself a winner. 🏆

Recreate This Look: Holographic Disco Ball

6. Neon Flames

🌈 + 🔥 = 😍

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7. Dark Flames

Flame nails are typically colorful and a little over-the-top (in a good way) — but these nails are the opposite of that. They’re dark and dreamy and absolutely perfect. 

Recreate This Look: Black To Black + White Canvas

8. Chunky Red & White Flames

We love how big and bold this simple design looks. Chunky red flames ftw. 

Get The Red: Red Flags

9. Pink On Pink Flames

Nails with multiple shades of the same color always look like fire (pun intended). These pink on pink flame nails are no different. 

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10. Pink & White Flame Nails

As far as flame nails go, this is definitely one of our faves. The flames are perfect, the color combo is perfect, and the placement is perfect. 10 out of 10. 

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