11 examples of orange nails we’re crushing on

peach, tan, and orange nails

Photo by @chelseaoconnor_naileducator via Instagram

Orange nails can be a little much for people, and we get it. Orange is a bright, vivid color that can be way too much way too fast. 

But that’s not the case 100% of the time.

Take a look at 11 examples of orange nails that are orange in all the right ways.

1. Orange criss-cross

One nail and one simple criss-cross pattern is all it takes to take these orange nails to that next level. We love it. 😍

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2. Orange to yellow ombre

Sure, the peaches are cute. But we’re digging that orange to yellow ombre more. Absolute perfection. 🔥

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3. Brown and orange

Brown and orange make such an epic color combo, and these orange nails prove it. Can we get a round of applause for all these gorgeous shades of brown and orange together? 👏

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4. Orange to nude ombre

If you’re not feeling a bold orange to yellow ombre, may we recommend a toned-down orange to nude ombre? Stunning. 

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5. Neon orange

These neon nails are not for the faint of heart. We’ve got long daggers, big bling, and gold glitter. They’re over-the-top in the best way possible. 

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6. Aztec orange nails

A lot of people assume that orange doesn’t mesh well with other colors, but that would be a wrong assumption to make. Just look at how epic all of these colors look together.

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7. Coral

Go big or go home doesn’t apply here. In this case, we’re totally feeling these simple coral nails. 

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8. Orange tortoise nails

We’re not sure what we love more — this burnt orange color or the tortoise print. Either way, we’re obsessed with these orange nails. 🐢

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9. Nude nails with orange swirls

This orange nail design is incredibly easy to replicate and looks great for any occasion. We’re definitely fans. 

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10. Orange outlines

We’ll be hung up on this look for a while. It’s so simple, yet so stunning. 🧡

11. Orange bling

These orange nails remind us of Thanksgiving dinner, and who doesn't love Thanksgiving dinner? 🦃

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