14 black nail designs that’ll make you ridiculously happy

french tip black nail design

Black nail designs are completely underrated, and black nail polish is completely misunderstood.

Are black nail designs some of the best of the best? Absolutely. Should black nail polish exist outside of the month of October? Absolutely. 

To drive this point home, here are 14 downright gorgeous black nail designs.

1. Black marble

We’re officially in love with black and gold marble nails. So in love as a matter of fact that we’re actually getting hitched next year, and everyone is invited.

Recreate This Look: Black To Black + Roadtrip + Yours Truly + Pure White

2. Spiderwebs

Are these Halloween nails? Probably, yes. Will we still be wearing them 12 months out of the year? Probably, yes.

Get The Black: Black Tie Affair

3. Black polka dots

Leave your pastel polka dots at the baby shower. Black polka dots are superior in every way, shape, and form.

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4. Black magic

Don’t mind us. We’re just going to binge watch The Craft and cry about how lame it is to be a Muggle.

Recreate This Look: Black To Black + White Canvas + Silver Lining

5. Animal print

Excuse us. Who gave this black and nude matte permission to be so amazing together? 

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6. Black & white faces

Alright, let’s just go ahead and frame this. Black and white abstract nails do not get much better than this.

Get The Black: Black Tie Affair

7. Black v tips

So you’re saying we get stiletto v tips, marble, and bling all in one set of nails? Okay, we’re sold. Where do we sign up?

Get The Bling: Silver Dollar

8. Black, white, & red silhouettes 

We’re feeling so many emotions right now, and we know you’re feeling them, too. Just embrace them. It’s better that way.

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9. Glitter

How simple is this black nail design? Like, super simple. How obsessed with it are we? Like, a lot.

Get The Glitter: LBD 

10. Cow print

We don’t care what anyone says. Cow print is gorgeous on nails, and you can’t change our mind on this very important matter.

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11. Black v tips & bling

We love v tips, especially when they’re black and especially when there’s a little bling thrown into the mix.

Get The Black: Negative Space

12. Matte + gloss

This is so simple, yet so genius. We’re ready to try out this look with every color in the book. 

Get The Top Coat: Velvet Matte 

13. Black heart tips

We love hearts on nails, and we love them even more when they’re on the tips. And that cuticle dot is the icing on this heart-shaped cake.

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14. Black and rose gold chrome

Black and rose gold chrome is officially our new favorite color combination, and we know it’s yours, too.

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