15 cow print nails that’ll seriously make you moo

black and white cow print nails

Cow print nails are unbelievably trendy right now. And we have to admit, it’s really weird.

But if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we’re kind of obsessed. 

From hot pink and brown to gold and multi-colored neon, we never thought there were this many super cute ways to paint cow print on nails. Yet, here we are. And we’re not not happy about it.

To really drive this point home, we’ve hunted down 15 of our favorite cow print nails. 

1. Black, white, gold, and nude

We’re totally loving this uneven split between nude and cow print, and that gold add-on is the icing on the cake.

Create This Look: White Canvas + Negative Space + 24k

2. White on white cow print nails

Who knew white on white cow print could look so cute? We’re definitely fans. 

Create This Look: Pure White + Clear

3. Pink cows

We’re obsessed with pink nail designs, and this look is definitely one of our favorites. 🍓🐮🍓

Create This Look: Dark Pink + Pure White + Cherry On Top + Matte Top Coat

4. Faded pastel cow print nails

This look is pure art — something we never thought we’d say about cow print.

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5. Half cow

From the horizontal ombre to the gold split to the nude to the multi-colored cow print, these cow nails are 100% goals. 

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6. Cow print tips

Don’t want something over the top but still want cow nails? Then these nails are it.

Create This Look: White Canvas + Negative Space 

7. Toxic cow nails

Neon green doesn’t look good with everything, but it definitely looks good with black cow print.

Create This Look: Green With Envy + Negative Space

8. Traditional cow print

As far as traditional cow print nails go, black and white is where it’s at. We especially like when it’s used sparingly (as opposed to painting cow print on every nail).

Create This Look: Pure White + Black Tie Affair

9. The entire zoo

Why stop at cows when you can have the entire zoo on your nails? 

Create This Look: Pure White + Black Tie Affair + Bare With Me + Son Of A Peach + Sunny Daze 

10. Shiny cow print

We’re big fans of these borderline abstract cow nails. You can get this effect by using our mermaid or holographic nail powder.

11. Multi-colored cow

Does anything about these cow nails make sense? Absolutely not. Do we still love everything about them? Absolutely yes.

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12. Valentines cow nails

How perfect is that red heart in the middle of all that cow print? It flows so well that you can’t help but love it.

Create This Look: Pure White + Black Tie Affair + Danger 

13. Pink cow French

If you have a traditional French, there’s no reason you shouldn’t not add pink cow print to it. Right?

14. Neon cows

We saw the green neon cow nails. Now it’s time for multi-colored neon cow nails. 

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15. Pink cows + pink French

If you can’t decide between pink cow print and pink French tips, just get them both. It’ll still look cute.

Create This Look: Sheer Li-Luck + Don’t Pink About It