16 neon nails that are actually cute

cloud neon nails

Let’s face it. Neon nails aren’t always cute. In fact, they’re pretty ugly most of the time.

But when neon nails are done right, they can be some of the most striking nail designs out there. 

This being said, we’ve hunted down 16 examples of neon nails that are drop dead gorgeous.

1. Neon Giraffe Print 🦒

Animal print is always fun, but the situation is extra fun when there’s neon involved and extra extra fun when it’s giraffe print. 

Recreate This Look: Light Up + Fun & Flirty + Go Green + Attention Please + Baby Boo 

2. Multi-Colored Neon Tips

We love multi-colored French tips, and we love them even more when they’re multi-colored neon tips. 

Recreate This Look: Nearly Nude + Don't Pink About It + You Make Me Melt + Green With Envy + Caution

3. Funky Neon Swirls

Do these neon nails make you happy, because they make us happy. Like, really happy. 😀

Recreate This Look: Inked + Pinkaso + Creative Outlet + Self Portrait

4. Neon Rainbows 🌈

We’re totally feeling these neon rainbows (and everything else that’s happening with these nails). 

Recreate This Look: Gel Art Collection

5. Skinny Neon Swirls

Swirls are great and so is neon. Put the two together, throw a little glitter on top, and you got yourself some super cute nails. 

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6. Neon Abstract Art

It’s like these shades of neon were always meant to be together. 

Recreate This Look: Caution + Heartfelt

7. Neon Crocodile

Croc print is a pretty big deal right now and rightfully so. It’s super cute and looks even cuter when it’s a neon green.

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8. Pops Of Neon Yellow

Neon yellow has a special talent for sticking out like a sore thumb — but like, in a good way.

Get This Yellow: Self Portrait

9. Neon V Tips

When you use neon with v tip nails, it makes the design stand out 1000% more — especially if the interior color is more of a neutral tone. 


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10. Transparent Pink Neon 

We’ve referenced this specific design quite a few times in different articles, and it’s pretty obvious why. 

Get The Pinks: Miss Candied + Dress To Impress

11. Neon Minimalism

Again, we’ve talked about this design before. Why? Because neon and minimalism look like pure magic together.

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12. Neon Line

Is this jarring? A little bit, yeah. Is it still amazing? A lot bit, yeah. 

Get The Yellow: Self Portrait

13. 3d Neon Flowers

3d flowers can take any set of nails from 0 to 100 real quick and even quicker when they’re neon. 

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14. Neon Camo 

Is neon officially cute again? We’re not sure. But we’re definitely digging neon camo on nails. 

Recreate This Look: Build A Gel Art Bundle

15. Neon Outlines

Even with no design in the middle, these neon nails are unbelievably cute. Almost a little too cute actually. 🤔

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16. Neon Zebra Print

We’ve already mentioned animal print on this list (like, multiple times), so why not mention it again with highlighter yellow zebra print? 😍 

Get This Yellow: Light Up