19 perfectly perfect pastel nails

Pastel nails with french tips

Photo by @elize_nails via Instagram

Pastel nails are on a level of their own. They manage to look mellow, funky, and bright all at the same time. 

And we absolutely can’t get enough of them.

But what are some of our favorite pastel nails? Let’s take a look at 19 now.

1. Pastel lightning bolts 🗲

It’s nice to see something other than hearts and stars on nails. Let’s make lightning bolts a new nail trend.

Recreate This Look: High Maintenance + Skies The Limit + D’Lilac + Pink Tutu

2. Care Bear pastel nails

We love everything about these pastel nails — from those heart clouds to the pastel rainbow to that stunning shade of purple. 

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3. Knit sweater nails

This pastel look is the perfect choice for fall or winter. Plus, we’re really digging the 50/50 split and the silver trim. Applause all around. 👏

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4. Pastel spaceships 

Okay, we changed our mind about the lightning bolts. Let’s make tiny pastel spaceships a thing. Like, immediately.

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5. Animal print

We are big fans of animal print at Kiara Sky. Whether it’s cheetah, cow, giraffe, or zebra, we’re feeling it.

Recreate This Look: Pink Tutu + Black to Black + Silver Lining⠀⠀

6. Pastel flowers and nude

We love pastel laid on top of a nude cover. It takes that mellow vibe to the next level. Add some gold details and you got yourself a stunner of a nail design.

Recreate This Look: High Maintenance + Skies The Limit + Main Squeeze + Grapefruit Cosmo + Pink Tutu

7. Mini Easter eggs

We’ll eat chocolate Easter eggs any day of the year, and we’ll also wear chocolate Easter eggs on our nails any day of the year. 🥚

Recreate This Look: Baby Boo + Blonded + Bet On Me + First Love + Brownie Points

8. Pastel pink horizontal ombre

Ombre nails can be pulled off in a million different ways. It’s beautiful nail art that can be done at any skill level.

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9. Mix & match pastel tips

It always turns out really neat when people apply multiple patterns to one set of nails, especially when they stick to a pastel theme throughout.

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10. Two-sided pastel French

Two-sided Frenchies are super modern and clean, and the addition of gold isn’t half-bad either. 😍

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11. Pastel flames

Flame nails are super hot right now (no pun intended), and we love it when such a bold design is paired with such a mellow color combo.

Recreate This Look: Pure White + D’Lilac

12. Swerving pastel rainbows

We’re only painting pastel rainbows on nails from here on out. How genius are these pastel nails??? 🌈😍

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13. Pastel dot nails

This look is super trendy right now, and we’re not mad about it. Pastel dot nails ftw. 🏆

14. Tie-dye pastel nails

Whether you think these pastel nails look more like tie-dye or a bath bomb, it doesn’t matter. They’re perfect either way.

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15. Spring pastels

We’re not sure why exactly, but these nails remind us of springtime and happiness. If we could, we’d wear these pastel nails forever and ever.

16. Pastel lines

We don’t typically share many natural nail art designs, but how could we not share this one? We love the switch up of colors and thicknesses in the lines. 

17. Multi-colored pastel flames

We’ve already shared some pastel flame nails, but these multi-colored pastel flame nails are epic and must be seen by everyone.

Recreate This Look: High Maintenance + Skies The Limit + Main Squeeze + Pure White + Chatterbox

18. Pastel Frenchies

If these pastel nails don’t bring you joy, we don’t know what will.

Recreate This Look: High Maintenance + D’Lilac + Laven-dare + New Yolk City + Thrill Seeker + Son Of A Peach

19. Random pastels

Not sure what to paint on your nails? Grab some pastels and throw on a few random lines and hearts. 

Recreate This Look: High Maintenance + Main Squeeze + Don’t Pink About It