33 fall nail designs you’ll def want to save for later

fall nail design

Fall nail designs are a whole mood. For a few months out of the year, we drop the neon, step away from the pink glitter, and dive nails first into sweater weather territory.

We’re talking browns, oranges, maroons, leaves, orange glitter, plaid patterns, and more. Throw a piece of pumpkin pie into that mix, and we’re in nail heaven.

But what are some of our favorite fall nail designs? Well, we’re glad you asked. Let’s take a look at 33 now.

1. The perfect fall nail colors

Every perfect fall nail design starts with the perfect fall nail colors. Say hello to the Kiara Sky 2021 Wine Down Fall Collection. 

fall 2021 nail color collection

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2. Plaid nails

Plaid nails represent fall nail designs in every way, shape, and form. And they look extra fall-y when they’re a deep maroon or multiple shades of brown. 

3. Orange rhinestones

If we don’t have these exact nails when we’re sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving, then we’re going to be real mad.

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4. White and burnt orange

We are absolutely obsessed with this couple. White and burnt orange should just make it official already.

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5. Multi-textured and multi-patterned

Glitter, rhinestones, ombre, coral, orange, grey, French tips, marble, and more. This fall nail design has it all.

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6. Copper and maroon

Are copper nails superior to all other nail colors? It’s a real possibility. But will we still love you if your nails aren’t copper? Yes. Maybe. We’re not sure.

Get This Color Combo: Copper Out + Rihyalistic Maroon

7. Leopard print

There’s just something about leopard print nails in the fall that makes us happy. And that black and white outline isn’t half-bad either. 😍🐆

9. Crocodile print

Crocodile print typically looks really good during fall. It’s the perfect print for deep browns, reds, and oranges.

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10. Burberry nails

Who doesn’t love a well-done set of Burberry nails?

11. Brown, black, and white

We’re not sure what we love more — the color combo or the animal print with the cut-out hearts. Either way, we’re 100% obsessed with this fall nail design.

12. Brown swirls

Swirls are perfect for any season. All you have to do is switch up the colors to vibe with the weather.

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13. 50/50 split

Oh look… It's more animal print. But this time we’ve got a 50/50 split with a white French tip and we’re definitely feeling it.

14. Multiple shades of brown

Some will call it a retro nail design. We’ll just call it a fall nail design. One that we like an awful lot.

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15. Simple plaid

Not big on acrylics or gel nail extensions? That’s okay. Natural nails can join in on the fall fun, too. Check out this super simple plaid design that even beginners can knock out.

16. Black nail art

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Black nails should happen before and after Halloween — not just during. Plus, Halloween is technically wrapped up in fall, so it works either way.

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17. Bright orange and ruby red

As far as fall color combos go, this one nails it (no pun intended). 

18. Split French in brown

The nail design is absolutely gorgeous and would look just as good in any other color. Imagine a bright red for Christmas, lavender for spring, and neon pink for summer. 🥰

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19. Golden hour

If you have 4 or 5 different shades on your nails, odds are you need more. So get to mixing.  

20. Glossed-up cinnamon nails

If we had these daggers, we’d never stop showing them off. They’d be up in front of our face and your face 24/7.

Recreate This Look: Treasure The Night + Top Coat + Getting Hot   

21. Matte black and bright orange leaves

These claws are worthy of a medal. Yes to the matte. Yes to the subtle bling. And a triple yes to that stark color contrast.

22. Green, brown, and yellow dots

Simple nail art ftw. Here’s another natural nail look you can knock out from home.

23. Espresso, cheetah print, and big bling

Espresso, animal print, and rhinestones — 3 of our favorite things on one set of extra long claws. 

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24. Pumpkin spice nails

Fall is all about pumpkin spice, and these nails make us want to head through the Starbucks drive-thru ASAP.

Recreate This Look: Getting Hot + Egyptian Goddess + Sugar Rush

25. Orange and green

We love orange and green together, especially when it’s super moody shades of green and orange.

Get The Green: Hush Hush + Velvet Matte Top Coat

26. More animal print

Can’t stop, won’t stop. We’re throwing even more animal prints your way.

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27. Yellow and black butterflies

Save the blue and pink butterflies for spring. We want to soak up all the beautiful yellow and black butterflies while we still can. 

Recreate This Look: Golden Hour + Negative Space + Lavendare

28. Mustard brown matte tips

Mustard brown matte tips don’t sound all that appealing, but they definitely look better than they sound.

29. A creamy horizontal ombre

We love a horizontal ombre during any season but especially in fall. It’s so creamy and delicious we could keep it all year round.

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30. Swervy horizontal ombre

Here’s another take on a horizontal ombre but more… swervy? However you want to describe it, this non-traditional French looks amazing.

31. Beige and orange-brown

When and where do we sign? We’re ready to sign over our soul for these perfect fall nails. 

Get The Beige: Something Sweet 

32. Pumpkin pie and glitter

Someone find the pie cutter because these nails are giving us pumpkin pie vibes. 

Recreate This Look: Goal Digger + Egyptian Goddess + Honey Pot  

33. Dusty rose nails

These dusty rose nails are certainly one of the simpler looks on this list, but this shade is to die for it and everything about it screams fall. 

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