6 things every at home gel nail kit should have

at home gel nail kit

An at home gel nail kit is the perfect way to save money — but still get that perfect, salon-quality manicure.

However, all gel nail polish kits are not created equal.

If you’re willing to invest in a nail kit (and take the steps to learn the DIY gel process), then it’s important to find a complete kit with professional products inside it.

Let’s take a look at 6 items you should always look for in an at home gel nail kit.

1. An LED Nail Lamp

at home LED nail lamp

Gel polish won’t dry without an LED nail lamp, so make sure your at home gel nail kit includes one. If it doesn’t include one, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation later. 

Our Beyond Home LED Lamp comes in multiple colors, can be used on toes or nails, and has a built-in 60-second preset timer. These are the types of features you should expect from an LED nail lamp.

Get The Lamp: Beyond Home Pink LED Nail Lamp

2. Gel Nail Polish Colors

You won’t get very far with a DIY gel manicure without gel nail polish. That’s a given. But when it comes to a complete kit, you should fully expect to receive more than one color.

The Kiara Sky gel nail kit includes three different gel nail polish colors, and as an added bonus, you get to pick the colors.

Build Your Kit: Beyond Home Gel Starter Kit

3. Gel Polish Top Coat

gel polish top coat

If you’re going to spend the time to give yourself a home manicure, odds are you want it to last. However, without a specially-formulated gel top coat, this won’t happen.

Make sure your kit includes a gel top coat that cures quickly and lasts long.

Get Top Coat: Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat

4. Cuticle Oil

Even though cuticle oil won’t make or break a gel manicure, it’s still important for the overall health of your nails — which makes it a must-have item for us. 

Get Cuticle Oil: Rose | Lavender | Natural 

5. Nail Files & Buffers

There’s more to an at-home manicure than just the polish, and your kit should help you out with this. 

Properly buffing and filing your nails can prevent your gel nail polish from lifting and keep it on for longer. Make sure your at home gel nail kit includes these nail necessities. 

Get The Necessities: Nail Files & Buffers

6. Something Sparkly

nail rhinestones packs in different colors

All of our at home nail kits include nail rhinestones or glitter. And similar to cuticle oil, even though this item won’t make or break a gel manicure, it’s still important.

Having the option to add additional elements to your gel manicures will keep you coming back for more. With something sparkly, you simply have more variety, and you’re more likely to enjoy the end result not just once — but multiple times. 

Long story short, you’ll avoid the salon for longer, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

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