7 Extra Hot Summer Nail Art Designs

Summer nail art is all about bright colors and heat-inspired patterns — which makes sense. Summer is the season where you’re more likely to meet new people, go more places, and stay out longer. A flashy set of nails fits that journey perfectly.

But when it comes to summer nail art designs, the possibilities, combinations, and shades really are endless. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Neon Splashes

No summer would be complete without a few splash wars in the pool, and now… a splash party on your nails.

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Red Hot Ombre

This special kind of gel polish reacts to different temperatures to change hues — creating the perfect ombre in the process.


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Fresh Fruit

There’s nothing better than a bowl of fresh, cold fruit in the summer (except maybe a fruity margarita), and these fruity nails agree 100%.

Honey Nails

Bright and cute — the perfect vibe to top off any summer outfit or beach bikini.

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Sunny Sunflowers

There is no summer flower quite like a sunflower, and they look great on a fresh manicure. In other words, sunflowers are a flawless summer nail art pick.

Sunset Feels

Summer sunsets are absolutely stunning, and they look even more stunning on a new set of acrylics.

Fiery Flames

It’s hot outside, and these fiery nails make it even hotter.

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