9 pink and white nail designs you’ve probably never seen

pink and white nail design

Photo by @katiealice_nail_design via Instagram

Pink and white nail designs are incredibly popular, and we totally understand why. Pink and white look super cute together, which makes it an obvious color combo.

This being said, not all pink and white nail designs are created equal. Let’s take a look at 9 pink and white nails that you’ve probably never seen before (but you’re definitely going to love).

1. White tips with pink circles

These nails are giving us total Barbie vibes, and we’re 100% okay with that.

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2. Reverse French pink and white nails

We’re never getting another classic French tip set again. This reverse French is EVERYTHING.

Get The Pink: Fun & Flirty

3. Candy hearts

Are candy hearts that great? Not really. But candy heart nails… Now that’s a different story. 

Get The Pink: Chit Chat

4. Faded crocodile print

Super bright crocodile nails are all over the place right now, and we think that’s fabulous. But we really appreciate this toned-down version.

Get The Pink: Rose Bon Bon

5. Bright pink and happy white clouds

We’re not sure what we like more — that bubblegum pink or those super adorable clouds. Either way, we’re big fans of both.

Get The Pink: Bubble Yum

6. Pink and white nail designs with swirls

Swirl nails are really popular right now. Slap a few swirls on top of a base color and you'll usually end up with something pretty cute (especially if you're working with pink and white).

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7. Pink glitter and white 3d flowers

This set is giving us absolutely everything — multiple shades of pink, glitter, butterflies, 3d flowers, rhinestones, v tips, and an ombre.  

Get The Glitter: Vivacious

8. Hot pink and white tips

The matte top coat, white pinky, and multiple shades of pink are giving us major valley vibes, which we obviously love.

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9. Pink and white nails with tie-dye

Who doesn’t love tie-dye? This pink and white nail design makes us proud.

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