11 blue nail polish colors you have to try

Blue nail polish ombre

Drop the pink and step away from the nude. It’s time for blue nail polish to have its moment. 

Whether you opt for a minty poolside blue or a deep shade of navy, blue nail polish colors look great on everyone all year round.

But what are some of our go-to blue nail polish colors? Let’s take a look at 11 now.

All shades are available in multiple mediums: lacquer, gel, acrylic, and dip.

1. Wavy Baby

Wavy Baby blue nail polish

💅View The Polish: Wavy Baby

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2. After The Reign

After The Reign blue nail polish

📷Photo by @brashnails

💅View The Polish: After The Reign

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3. I See Blue

I See Blue nail polish

📷Photo by @fiepedersen.dk

💅View The Polish: I See Blue 

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4. Baby Boo

Baby blue nail polish

💅View The Polish: Baby Boo

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5. Remix

blue nail polish

📷Photo by @luminousnails

💅View The Polish: Remix

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6. Someone Like Blue

Someone Like Blue

📷Photo by @chaunlegend

💅View The Polish: Someone Like Blue

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7. You Make Me Melt

You Make Me Melt

📷Photo by @chaunlegend

💅View The Polish: You Make Me Melt

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8. Gimme A Beat

Gimme A Beat

📷Photo by @luminousnails

💅View The Polish: Gimme A Beat

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9. Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother

📷Photo by @noodle_yess

💅View The Polish: Fairy Godmother

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10. Poolside


💅View The Polish: Poolside

11. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

📷Photo by @luminousnails

💅View The Polish: Sweet Tooth 

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