10 bright nail colors you should try out next time

gel nails using bright nail colors

Are you ready to beef up your personal supply of bright nail colors? Or maybe you're just looking for some bright and colorful inspo for your next set of claws?

Either way, you've come to the right place.

We've laid out 10 super cute bright nail colors that are available in multiple mediums (including gel nail polish, nail lacquer, and dip powder). 

Check out these bright nail colors, and don't forget to save your favorite color for later!

Green With Envy

'Green With Envy' is available in:

Surreally Blue

'Surreally Blue' is available in:

Twizzly Tangerine

'Twizzly Tangerine' is available in:

Inner Artist

'Inner Artist' is available in:

Out Of Monet

'Out Of Monet' is available in:

Self Portrait

'Self Portrait' is available in:

Pink Passport

'Pink Passport' is available in:

Wavy Baby

'Wavy Baby' is available in:

Tropic Like It’s Hot

'Tropic Like It's Hot' is available in:

Light Up

'Light Up' is available in:

Seen enough bright nail colors? Check out these: