How to use chrome nail polish & where to get it

multiple colors of chrome nail polish

Anyone can use chrome nail polish. The application process is typically very easy to master (depending on the type of chrome polish you use), and the outcome is almost always stunning.

But how do you use chrome nail polish, what does it look like, and where can you buy some? Let’s break it down.

What does chrome nail polish look like?

Generally speaking, chrome nail polish creates a metallic effect. But aside from that, there is no widespread definition of it in the nail world. It can come in a variety of shades — not just grey or silver. And it can also come in a variety of forms — lacquer, gel, and powder. 

At Kiara Sky, our chrome nail polish is part of our Rub-On Collection (which also includes holographic powder and mermaid powder). The chrome rub-on polish is actually a super-fine powder. It's available in eight different shades and should be applied on top of a specially-formulated top coat. 

Here are a few examples of our chrome nail polish:

Purple Chrome Nails

Pink Chrome Nails

Gold Chrome Nails

gold chrome nails

How is chrome nail polish applied?

The application process for our chrome nail polish is really easy, and we mean it when we say that anyone can do it (whether you’re a nail tech or a DIY enthusiast). Here’s how the process works (video below):

  1. Apply gel polish to your nail and make sure the polish is fully cured
  2. Apply a thin layer of Rub On Top Coat
  3. Cure the nail for 30 seconds
  4. Use an applicator brush to rub on a thin layer of chrome polish to the nail
  5. Top with an even, thin layer of Rub On Top Coat
  6. Cure the nail for 60 seconds

Need a lamp for curing nails? Check out our home LED nail lamp.

Where can you get chrome nail polish?

At Kiara Sky, we have 8 chrome polishes available. View the colors below, and don’t forget to pick up a brush and top coat for the application.

Shop all chrome nail polish colors:

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