The 4 most common nail shapes (with photos)

different nail shapes

If you’re headed to the salon for a new set of claws or a fresh manicure, it’s important to be prepared and know what design, shape, and color nail you want. Otherwise, you could end up paying for something you don’t actually like. 

When it comes to nail shapes, in particular, there are 4 main types: coffin, square, stiletto, and almond. 

Let’s break down the different nail shapes.

Coffin nails

👀What do coffin nails look like?

Coffin Nails Shape

💅How do you shape coffin nails?

🛒Where to buy coffin nail extensions?

Short - medium - long

Square nails

👀What do square nails look like?

square nails shape

💅How do you shape square nails?

 Keep the file perpendicular to the nail and file in a straight back and forth motion

🛒Where to buy square nail extensions?

Short - medium

Almond nails

👀What do almond nails look like?

almond nails shape

💅How do you shape almond nails?

🛒Where to buy almond nail extensions?

Short - medium

Stiletto nails

👀What do stiletto nails look like?

stiletto nails shape

💅How do you shape stiletto nails?

🛒Where to buy stiletto nail extensions?

Short - medium

What are the different nail lengths?

The most common nail lengths are short, medium, and medium long. However, there are nail lengths that extend from large all the way to extra, extra, extra long. 

Take a look at the following images and consider screenshotting the images for future reference! 

Short to extra long nails

common lengths of nail shapes

Short to extra, extra, extra long nails

common lengths of nail shapes to xxxl

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