17 cute nail colors we’re obsessed with

cute purple nail color

If you’re looking for cute nail colors, we have you covered. 

From glittery pink to peachy orange to neon green, we’ve listed out 17 of our cutest nail colors that you’re guaranteed to love.

Take a look below, and don’t forget to save your favorite cute nail color for later!

1. Pixie Pink

pixie pink nail polish

💅Pixie Pink

🔍17 of our favorite pink nail colors


2. Matcha Latte

cute green nail color

💅Matcha Latte

🔍7 of the best green nail colors


3. Peachy Keen

peachy keen

💅Peachy Keen

🔍11 perfect examples of orange nails


4. Wavy Baby

wavy baby blue nail polish

💅Wavy Baby

🔍11 blue nails colors you have to try

5. Tea-Quila Lime

tea-quila lime nail polish colors

💅Tea-Quila Lime

🔍12 green nail designs we love

6. Pinkaso

pinkaso nail color


🔍19 of our favorite pink nail designs

7. Razzberry Fizz

Bright purple cute nail color

💅Razzberry Fizz

🔍7 super cute summer nail colors


8. Drop The Beet

drop the beet

💅Drop The Beet

🔍11 pretty perfect light purple nails

9. Fun & Flirty

 fun & flirty pink cute nail color

💅Fun & Flirty

🔍9 really amazing pink and white nail designs

10. Main Squeeze

💅Main Squeeze

🔍16 beautiful examples of neon nails


11. Bae-Berry

bae berry marble nails


🔍30 ultra-modern beautiful nail designs


12. 90’s Baby 

pink glittery nail polish

💅90’s Baby 

🔍Pink glitter nails we’re totally digging

13. D’Lilac

light purple nail color



14. Dynastea

dynastea nail color


15. Dream Catcher

ombre nail polish

💅Dream Catcher


16. Don’t Be Jelly

Don't Be Jelly nail polish

💅Don’t Be Jelly


17. Caliente

red nail polish


🔍23 red nail designs that are hot, hot, hot