18 extra spooky Halloween nails to try this year

Halloween nail art

If you’re looking for some extra cute, extra spooky Halloween nails, then we’ve got you 100% covered.

We’ve laid out 18 of our favorite spooky nails — from cute and pink to bloody and neon. Take a look below, and as always, don’t forget to save your favorite Halloween nails for later!

1. Pink & black flame nails 🔥

🎨Recreate this look: Negative Space + Bubble Yum

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2. Spiderweb nails 🕸️ 

🎨Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas

3. Black & red bat tips 🦇

🎨Recreate this look: Can’t Let Gogh + Negative Space

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4. Ghost frenchies 👻

🎨Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas

5. Bloody Halloween nail art 🩸

🎨Recreate this look: Stiletto Gelly Tips + Pure White + Love Note

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6. Transparent spiderwebs 🕸️

🎨Recreate this look: Black Tie + Non Wipe Top Coat

7. Pink Halloween nails 🎀

🎨Recreate this look: Pink Tutu + White Canvas + Negative Space + 24k Gold Chrome + Smokey Smog

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8. Black cats 🖤🐈

🎨Recreate this look: White Canvas + Negative Space + Creative Outlet

9. Scary movie nails 💀

🎨Recreate this look: Can't Let Gogh + White Canvas + Negative Space

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10. Monster nails 🎃

🎨Recreate this look: Caution + Can't Let Gogh + White Canvas + Negative Space + Go Green + The Tea + Sugar High

11. Dripping Halloween nail art 💦

🎨Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas

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11. Pink & red Halloween nail design 💕

🎨Recreate this look: Passion Potion + Dress To Impress

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12. Pink jelly nails 🎀

🎨Recreate this look: Miss Candied + White Canvas + Negative Space + Creative Outlet

13. Neon Halloween nail art 💚💛

🎨Recreate this look: Go Green + Light Up

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14. Halloween llamas 🦙

🎨Recreate this look: Inked + White Canvas + Negative Space + Creative Outlet

15. Black & yellow spooky nails 🖤💛

🎨Recreate this look: White Canvas + Negative Space + Ap-Peach-Iate You + Smokey Smog

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16. Spooky in pink ⚰️

🎨Recreate this look: White Canvas + Negative Space + Pink Panther + Sugar High

17. Oozing Halloween nail art 💧

🎨Recreate this look: Go Green + Peanut Butter & Jealous

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18. Black spider nails 🕷️

🎨Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas

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