14 matte nail designs that’ll make you ditch the gloss

matte nail design

To this day, we’re still not sure if we’re Team Matte or Team Glossy. Glossy nails and matte nails are both glorious in their own ways.

However, when it comes to matte nail designs, in particular, we absolutely LOVE how toned down and classy they can look. And of course, we always use our Velvet Matte Top Coat to pull off our favorite matte looks.

Let’s take a look at 14 of those matte nail designs right now.

1. Matte rainbow nails

Shop this look: Surreally Blue + Pinkaso + Creative Outlet + Self Portrait + Out Of Monet + Laven-Dare

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2. Orange to pink matte flame nails

Shop this look: Creative Outlet + Inner Artist

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3. Neon French tip outlines

Shop this look: Green With Envy + Creme D' Nude

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4. Pastel matte green nails

Shop this look: Matcha Latte + White Canvas

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5. Abstract matte nails

Shop this look: Inner Artist + Surreally Blue

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6. Matte swirl nails

Shop this look: Self Portrait + Inner Artist + Creative Outlet

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7. Horizontal matte gradient

Shop this look: Laven-Dare + Wifey Material + Oh-So-Boho + Pink Panther + Coffin Gelly Tips

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8. Matte blue nails with silver chrome hearts

Shop this look: You Make Me Melt + Silver Lining

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9. Matte ombre nails

Shop this look: Caution + Boba Time

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10. Matte nails with pastel sugar tips

Shop this look: Rose Water + Oh Damndelion + Pinkerbell + Ap-Peach-iate You

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11. Neon matte nail design

Shop this look: Gel Art Collection

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12. Matte water droplets

Shop this look: Riyalistic Maroon + Velvet Matte Top Coat + Non Wipe Top Coat (for droplets)

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13. Black & nude matte flames

Shop this look: Boba Time + Negative Space Gel Art

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14. Matte nude nails with big gems

Shop this look: Boba Time

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