19 nail trends we hope never go away

purple flame nails trend

Nail trends come and go all the time. But sometimes, certain nail trends pop up that we hope never go away. These nail trends are usually modern, sophisticated, and a little funky all at the same time. 

Let’s take a look at 19 different examples of nail trends we hope stick around for a little longer than forever.

1. 3d French tips

This nail trend is a modern twist on a traditional design, and we’re big fans. Whether you choose to go with muted shades of beige and brown or multiple shades of neon yellow, 3d French tips are sophisticated, artistic, and stunning.

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2. Jelly nails

Jelly nails are just as cute as jelly shoes, and there's nothing you can do or say to change our minds.

💅Don't Be Jelly + Orange You Sweet + Miss Candied + Poolside + You Glow Girl

3. Geometric tips

Throw on a few multi-sided, multi-colored shapes at the tip of your finger and you got something special.  

💅Gel Art Collection

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4. Glitter ombre tips

We love glitter, and we love ombre nails — so obviously, we doubly love this super trendy nail art. 👀💟

💅Blue Fin + Pink Tiara

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5. Naked in the middle

Whether you decide to go with one color or multiple colors, this look is stunning and creative. We’re 100% obsessed with it.

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6. Camo nails 

There’s a lot to love about this nail trend — like the multiple shades of one color on each nail, the nude base, and the matte top coat. It’s a beautiful look that we hope to see more of in the future. 

💅Gel Art Collection

7. Cow print nails

Cow print nails have been around for a while, but lately, we've been seeing more and more of them. And to be honest, we’re not mad about it. Multi-colored cow print is definitely a fave of ours.

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8. Abstract marble nails

Like cow print, marble nails are nothing new. But recent designs have showcased them in beautiful, abstract ways. We especially love when gold or silver chrome is thrown into the mix.

💅24k gold chrome + Lavendare + Call It Cliche

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9. Encapsulated glitter ombre

Clear nails topped with encapsulated multi-colored, multi-sized nail glitter is beautiful. This is a nail trend we definitely love to see.

💅Ocean Breeze + I Do + Clear + White Canvas

10. Multi-sized rhinestones down the middle

Sometimes simple is better, and in this case, it really is. As far as nail trends go, we hope this look never goes away.

💅Ocean Eyes + Pink Paradise + I Do

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11. Textured nails

We’ve seen this nail trend done in a lot of different ways — from roses and full-body silhouettes to knit sweaters and hearts. With this particular take on textured nails, we especially love the muted colors and horizontal gradient.

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12. Horizontal gradient

Speaking of horizontal gradients… they’re great, and we love them. This hot pink to light pink gradient is stunning, and we love that the artist decided to keep the color at the tips only.

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13. V tips

This nail trend is so simple, yet so modern. We love how it elongates the nail and how it works with any mood or vibe.

💅Bare With Me + Pure White

14. Side tips

V tips, side tips, outlined tips, reverse tips, box tips — they’re all super trendy, super cute, and super modern.

💅Etiquette First + CEO + Pure White

15. Bandana nails

This isn’t exactly a trend we saw coming, but we’re big fans. More bandana nails, please!

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16. French tip outlines

Why color in the French tip when the outline looks just as good?

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17. Tie-dye nails

Tie-dye shirts are super cute, and tie-dye nails are even cuter. 10 out of 10 for this nail trend. 🙌

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18. Crocodile nails

Animal print always looks cute on nails, but who saw this one coming? 🐊😍

💅Out Of Monet + Surreally Blue

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19. Box tips with a nude base

We’re not sure what we love more — the nude base or the vivid orange box tips. Either way, it’s a glorious nail trend we absolutely love.

💅Creative Outlet + A Lil’ Foxy 

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