Gelly Tips Bundle

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There’s no reason to be jelly once you get your hands on some Gelly! We’ve taken care of the heavy lifting so all you need to do is press, paint and show off your stunning new set. Our soak-off Gelly Tips are pre-shaped and ready to go. These innovative nail extensions provide a lightweight, easy-to-apply, time saving alternative in the comfort of your home. Specifically designed to last up to 3 weeks without any lifting or chipping, our Gelly Tips are available in different lengths and shapes so you can pick the perfect Gelly Tip to match your personal style. Our Beyond Pro Flash Cure LED Lamp is included along with 2 colors plus our best-selling cuticle oil to keep your cuticles fresh and beautiful. Our Gelly Tips are soak off and can be easily removed without damage, so you can switch up your manicure as often as you'd like!

Bundle Includes:

  • Gelly Tips Starter Kit (including the Beyond Pro Flashcure LED Lamp) with the shape of your choice, from the following options:
    • Coffin Long
    • Coffin Medium
    • Coffin Short
    • Stiletto Medium
    • Stiletto Short
    • Almond Medium
    • Almond Short
    • Square Medium
    • Square Short
  • Pink Buffer Blocks (10 pc)
  • Straight File 100/100 (2 pc)
  • Cuticle Oil - Lavender Scent (21 mL)
  • 2 Gel Colors
    • Etiquette First (15 mL)
    • Bare With Me (15 mL)