2021 fall nail colors you'll want to wear all year

2021 fall nail color collection

We've officially launched our 2021 fall nail color line-up, and we're BEYOND excited!

Our brand-new 'Wine Down' Collection features 6 beautiful, wine-themed, fall nail colors that you're guaranteed to love. From a stunning navy blue to a creamy reddish-brown, we've covered all the fall bases.

Let's take a look at our fall line-up now, and as always, don't forget to save your favorite shade for later!

1. Marilyn Merlot

brown fall nail color

Why We Love It: This creamy brownish-red shade reminds us of pumpkin spice, cinnamon sticks, and beautiful fall leaves. 🍂🎃

Buy It Here: Marilyn Merlot

2. Wine Down

blue fall nail color

Why We Love It: This deep shade of blue captures our Netflix & Nap mood perfectly.😴

Buy It Here: Wine Down

3. Bottles Up

green fall nail color

Why We Love It: This dark green color goes perfectly with every fall outfit every made. Ever. 

Buy It Here: Bottles Up

4. Pour Decisions

yellow fall nail color

Why We Love It: There's no way you can make a 'Pour Decision' with this sultry shade on your nails. 🍾

Buy It Here: Pour Decisions

5. Sip Happens

pink fall nail color

Why We Love It: Only good 'Sip Happens' when you're wearing this nail color. Trust us. 🎀

Buy It Here: Sip Happens

6. Chardon-Aye

gold glitter fall nail color

Why We Love It: This color reminds us of sparkly dresses on beautiful fall nights, and who doesn't love that? ✨

Buy It Here: Chardon-Aye

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