9 photos that prove brown nails aren’t boring

Brown nails have a bad rap. Many people incorrectly assume that brown nail polish leads to neutral, toned-down nail designs — aka, boring designs. 

But that’s rarely ever true.

In reality, brown nail polish can be used to create beautiful nail designs with stunning color contrasts. Let’s take a look at 9 examples of brown nails that prove brown nail polish isn’t as dull as some people think it is. 

1. Coffee with cream

Pouring creamer into dark coffee is oddly satisfying, and so are these brown nails. We’ll take a grande set to go. Please and thank you.

Recreate This Look: Haute Chocolate + Guilty Pleasure + Egyptian Goddess + Creme D’Nude 

2. Abstract brown nails

A tan squiggly here. An orange squiggly there. A chocolate squiggly in the middle. And you got yourself some beautiful brown nails. 

Recreate This Look: Egyptian Goddess + Brownie Points + Staycation + Bare Velvet

3. Simple lines

Pink and brown look amazing together. Throw some orange, white and gold into the mix and not only do you have a stunning set of brown nails — but also some great accent colors for a living room. 

Recreate This Look: Lunar Or Later + Egyptian Goddess + Brownie Points + 24K

4. Brown crocodile nails

We can’t get enough of 3d crocodile nails, and they look even more incredible in such a deep shade of brown.

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5. Thick chocolate swirls

Chocolate brown looks really nice on top of a nude base and next to a bright white. 10 out of 10 for the stunning color contrast. 

Recreate This Look: Brownie Points + Bare With Me + Pure White + Creme D’Nude

6. Multiple shades of brown

If you can’t decide on one shade of brown, get them all. And while you’re at it, add some glitter, gloss, marble, ombre, v tips, and swirls. 

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7. Hand painted eyes

These brown nails are clearly next level, and you need some serious nail art skills to pull it off. But we’re really digging the brown horizontal ombre with the black line work. 

Get The Browns: Brown Gel Nail Polish

8. Matte brown nails

We are big fans of matte nails, especially when we’re working with such neutral, calming colors. 

Get The Top Coat: Velvet Matte Top Coat

9. Brownish-orange

With or without the words, we’ll sport a multi-colored, brownish-orange French any day of the week. These colors look gorgeous together.

Recreate This Look: Brownie Points + High Key Like Me + Teddy Bear + It’s A Mood