Here’s What To Use To Put Rhinestones On Nails

nail rhinestone kit with applicator and adhesive

Adding rhinestones to your nails is a super cute way to add some pep to your nails. But if it’s your first time using rhinestones, you may not know what products you should use to securely attach them to your nails. 

Luckily, the application process is really simple, and you only need two products to pull it off — an applicator and adhesive. 

Let’s dig into this a little more.

Use a rhinestone applicator to pick up and place stones

applicator for nail rhinestones

Professional rhinestone applicators are typically double-sided — one side for picking up and the other side for placing and pressing. 

At Kiara Sky, our Bling It On Rhinestone Applicator has a wax tip and a stainless steel tip. 

To pick up the stones, all you have to do is touch the wax tip to a stone. If you don’t have an applicator right now, you can use a wax pencil (we recommend a cheap one used for eyebrows). Tweezers can also be used.

The stainless steel tip on our applicator can be used to gently reposition a rhinestone and press it into place. Again, if you don’t have an applicator, you can use a wooden cuticle stick,  toothpick, or similar household object.

Use rhinestone adhesive to secure the stone to your nail

adhesive for nail rhinestones

We don’t recommend using regular glue to attach stones to your nail. Hardware glue isn’t designed with nails in mind, and it could eat up your nail polish or worse… your natural nail. Instead, we recommend using a rhinestone adhesive.

There are many types of rhinestone adhesive, but we like to work with our specially-formulated adhesive. It’s thin, clear, and works really well. 

To use it, all you need to do is apply a thin layer to the area where you want to place your stones. For example, if you want rhinestones to line your cuticle, then line only your cuticle area with adhesive. 

Keep in mind, the adhesive does dry pretty fast. So, rather than applying adhesive to all your nails at the same time, work with one nail at a time.

Follow our guide on how to add stones to nails

When it comes to the full application process, there are a few do’s and don’ts you’ll want to pay attention to. For example, you do want to apply a top coat when you’re finished — but never on top of your stones. So if your entire nail is covered in stones, you’ll skip this part.

Read our guide on how to apply rhinestones to nails to learn more best practices and tips.

Experiment with rhinestone nail designs

Once you perfect the application process, start experimenting!

With rhinestones in the mix, you can pull off a variety of glamorous nail designs. Stones can be used to complete a shape, enhance a pattern, or bling out your entire nail. 

Take a look at 8 of our favorite rhinestone nail designs to get started!