How to Apply NEW Kiara Sky Gelly Tips!

Do you love a gorgeous nail extension, but hate the hassle of traditional acrylic nails? Need something that's easier, faster and all-around fantastic? Then you will fall in love with Kiara Sky's pre-shaped, soak-off Gelly Tips!

Our revolutionary new system of Kiara Sky Soak-Off Gelly Tips are the easiest nail extension at your fingertips. These gel extension tips are made out of soft gel, and are lightweight, strong, and are perfectly sculpted in five gorgeous shapes! Not to mention, these little babies also last up to 3 weeks without chipping or lifting. That’s right, forget the emergency nail appointment right after you chip a nail; you definitely won’t be having that problem with Gelly Tips. The best part is, you can easily do this fun and simple application at home and still achieve an effortless salon-style look. Gel extensions at home?!A nail enthusiast's dream come true! 

You’ll certainly have heads turning with the fabulous looks you will create. Using the Gelly Tips Kit and the Beyond Pro mini Flash Cure LED Lamp, you’ll be ready to begin your application. 

Have a favorite nail shape? You can choose from 5 ready-made nail shapes, Medium Coffin, Long Coffin, Medium Almond, Medium Stiletto, and Medium Square. Simply pick your preferred shape for your Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Starter kit, and you'll be well on your way to fabulous nails.

Curious about how to start your Gelly Tips application? You're in luck! This post is all about how to apply you perfectly-shaped tips from start to finish using all the essentials in our Gelly Tips Kit! Let's get started!


As always, make sure that you start off with clean, sanitized hands and nails. Then you can begin prepping the nails by pushing back the cuticles and removing the shine from the nail bed using a file. Be sure to focus on the cuticle and edge of the nails during this step!

Apply PREP to the nail

Long-lasting nails start with a great base. Apply one coat of Kiara Sky's PREP that comes with your Gelly Tips Kit to dehydrate your nails and remove any oils; this will get them ready to apply your new perfectly-shaped nail tips!

Apply PRIMER to the nail

Next up, its Prime-Time! Primer is an essential step to a long-lasting Gelly set! Apply one coat of the Gelly Tips PRIMER to your natural nails. This product will help bond your natural nail to the tip to make sure your nail-tips stay on as long as possible!

Prepare the Gelly Tips!

Go ahead and size your Gelly tips to your nail beds for a perfect fit. Here we are using the medium coffin-shaped tips. Use an e-file to lightly remove the shine from the inside of the Gelly Tip that will come in contact with your natural nail. (We recommend using our Beyond Pro Portable Nail Drill and our Typhoon Medium Drill Bit for this step!)

Having trouble sizing your tips to your nail bed? Not to worry, a tiny bit of patience here can go a long way. Although our Gelly Tips are gorgeously sculpted, our hands come in all shapes and sizes! Simply file at the edges of your Gelly Tip extension that will come in contact with your cuticle to make sure that the fit of your tip is just right!

Apply a thin layer of BUILDER 

Then you can grab the BUILDER gel and apply a thin layer on your natural nails.The builder gel is what will keep your nails on for up to 3 weeks! It is also super easy to remove with acetone!. 

Cure nails for 30 seconds

After applying the BUILDER gel, cure your nails for 30 seconds using the Flash Cure Mini LED lamp that comes with your Gelly Tips Kit! If you want this process to be a tad quicker, you can also use your full-size Kiara Sky Beyond Pro lamp to cure all 5 fingers at once!

Apply BUILDER under the Gelly Tip.

Next, use the same BUILDER gel and apply it under the Gelly Tip. Make sure to apply this gel only to the area of the tip that will come in contact with your natural nail. 

To apply the nail extension, simply press the Gelly Tip on the natural nail with your thumb from the cuticle to the free edge firmly, making sure to remove any air bubbles! We want to make sure you get the longest-wear possible out of your fabulous tips as bubbles underneath your Gelly Tip could cause it to pop right off in a few days time, so be sure to get rid of any pesky bubbles before proceeding onto the next step!

Cure nails for 10 seconds

Now, cure your nails for 10 seconds! You can do this by pressing your alternate thumb over the nail which you just applied your tip to secure it and then curing using your Beyond Pro Flash Cure Mini Lamp!

Unlike other competing flash cure lamps on the market right now, ours is freestanding in a super easy-to-use C shape that provides hands free flash curing at your fingertips! The Flash Cure Mini is perfect for salon use and a revolutionary product for those who enjoy doing their own manicures, whether Gelly Tips applications or stylish gel polish looks! The Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Flash Cure Mini is bound to become your new best friend!

Remove thumb and cure for 30 more seconds

Remove your thumb and cure your nail for an additional 30 seconds to make sure the sides and edges of your Gelly Tip are fully cured.

Wasn't that so easy? Now that you've got your gorgeous Gelly Tips nail extensions applied, you're ready to get creative with your nail art and express yourself! 

Apply your favorite KS Gel Polish!

Now that your beautiful Gelly Tips are secured to your nails, you can stop here or keep going and get creative! If you want to add color, remove the shine from the surface of your Gelly Tip with a hand-file. Once your nail tip is prepped, you can go in with two thin coats of your favorite Kiara Sky Gel Polish and cure for 30 seconds each. 

To finish off this gorgeous nail look, seal and protect your mani by applying the Gelly Top Coat and curing for 60 seconds. 

Now you’re all finished with your Gelly Tips manicure! These tips are such a huge time-saver when compared to traditional nail methods and they soak-off for quick & damage-free removal.

Unleash your creativity with the Kiara Sky Gelly Tips kit and create endless looks that showcase how incredible you are, bestie! 

Don't forget to tag @KiaraSkyNails on Instagram in all your Gelly Tips looks for a chance to be featured on our page!


I bought this kit because my nail tech used them on me and they lasted MONTHS, I even had gills with them. But now that I’ve been trying to do them on my own they will not stay 😑 they pop off so easily , what am I doing differently?

Jazimine Turner January 10, 2021

I tried the gelly tips. I used an electric file and carefully followed instructions. I watched several videos on application and preparation. The gelly tips peeled and popped off very quickly. I’m trying to use with regular tips in hopes is salvaging something from this kit. I spent $110, and 2 hours.
press ons last longer.

Linsy January 03, 2021

Glad to see I’m not the only person who’s nails keep popping off. I also see the company doesn’t address these comments or answer the questions that are posed here. My nails pop off in a couple of days mostly. From what I’ve read, it may be a combo of air bubbles, water exposure, and cuticle prep. I keep trying thinking I will find just the right technique but I can’t control the water exposure so much. I have a hot tub out back and I love to shower 😂. I use gloves to clean. I think the wear time is improving slightly. Air bubbles are difficult to prevent. Wondering if more or less builder would help. Planning to try a different brand for the builder.

Kayle Thompson January 02, 2021

Hi there, I’m currently using the gelly tips system and I love it so far. I’m curious if I’d be able to use nail strengthener underneath the gelly tips on my natural nails. Would it not allow for proper adhesion? TIA!

Makayla Southall December 30, 2020

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ukosoyijobia December 29, 2020

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ojapuwa December 29, 2020

Prep lamp polish and my nails pop off within an hour! Please help! I’m soooo frustrated and spent 500.00 on thus system!

Wendy Gale December 28, 2020

Can you use Dip Powder with Gelly Tips?

Karen DeLoatch November 30, 2020

I’ve followed these instructions and the nails still pop off a few minutes later. I bought these precisely because they were supposed to be healthier and last 3 weeks. But after doing my nails and doing the dishes or using the mop, the nails pop right off. I have a feeling these nails are more for women who don’t really do a lot of chores. I like the tips and the shine but I’d really like for you guys to make it clear that they won’t last very long if your nails are exposed to water.

Loraine Cuadrado September 22, 2020

Can the nails be painted first and then applied?

Nycki August 12, 2020

Can you fill in Gelly Tips?

Benita Higginbotham August 06, 2020

Après la canalisation du Builder sur l’ongle naturel, l’ongle est gras. Faut-il le dégraisser avant de poser la capsule ?
Merci de votre réponse.

Ornella FILOCHE August 05, 2020

i had prepared my nails step by step and after im done, no bubbles. Paint my nails and hours later the nail pops right up. Why

Jossana Roman August 01, 2020

How do you do dip powder with gelly tips

Amanda July 06, 2020

Can you do a video of the Gelly tip removal and a separate video of a fill? Is a fill even possible with the Gelly tips?

Rebecca Billmeier July 03, 2020

Can you do a video of the Gelly tip removal and a separate video of a fill? Is a fill even possible with the Gelly tips?

Rebecca Billmeier July 03, 2020

I got the powder dip and can you do a video I did like the jelly tip .do you think the jelly tip is better?

Karen Douglas June 25, 2020

I would love to see a video on doing a fill in with the gelly tip please.

jennifer ward June 23, 2020

I would love to see a video on doing a fill in with the gelly tip please.

jennifer ward June 23, 2020

I would love to see a video on doing a fill in with the gelly tip please.

jennifer ward June 23, 2020

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