What are color changing nails & where can you find the polish?

Color changing nails are nothing new to the nail world, but the polish used to achieve color changing nails goes by a lot of different names.

Color changing. Thermal. Ombre. Mood changing. Temperature controlled. 

Whatever you decide to call the polish, it all works the same way — with heat. 

What is color changing nail polish?

Color changing nail polish can be lacquer or gel and can transition between two, three, or even four different colors.

Those color transitions happen based on temperature changes. This includes temperature changes with your body, as well as your environment. 

For example, with the Kiara Sky “In The Zone'' polish, your nails could be a bright orange, light orange, or ombre (bright to light orange). 

You’ll notice sudden changes in color changing polish when you’re around water (swimming, showering, washing hands) or when you go from indoors to outdoors (or vice versa).

Color changing polish and water

Natural ombre effect

How do you apply color changing nail polish?

Color changing polish is applied exactly the same way as other nail polishes. That's the beauty of color changing nail polish. It's really beautiful nail art that requires beginner-level skills.

But remember, if you choose to use gel polish, you’ll need to cure your nails and apply a base coat and top coat. Gel polish lasts way longer than lacquer, so these extra steps are definitely worth it.

If you’re new to the world of gel nail polish, we recommend picking up an at-home gel nail kit. These kits include everything you need (lamp, polishes, and more) to complete the perfect manicure from home. 

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Where can you get color changing nail polish?

At Kiara Sky, we have close to 100 long-lasting color changing nail polishes available online. Check out some of our favorites below or shop the full collection

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