A Beginner’s Guide To Using Gel Polish

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Gel Polish

Gel nail polish has many benefits over classic nail polish. It lasts longer and is less likely to chip or fade. It also prevents your nails from breaking. If you apply it right, it will stay on your nails up to seven times longer than regular polish. However, doing your own gel nails can be intimidating for those who have never tried it. Follow these steps and tips, and you can’t go wrong. Here is a beginner’s guide to using gel polish.

Step 1: Choose Your Color

Gel nail polish will last for about two to three weeks. Since it will stay long, it’s important to choose a great color. Pick one of your favorite professional gel polish colors, research current trends, or match colors with the seasons and holidays.

Step 2: Prep Your Nails

Prepping your nails appropriately is an essential step in a beginner’s guide to using gel polish. Clean your hands first, then buff your nails with a nail buffer, push your cuticles downward, cut cuticles that are too long, and use an alcohol wipe to remove all dirt. Finally, apply a thick layer of lotion on the cuticles and wipe any excess lotion off nails with a cotton swab.

Step 3: Apply in Thin Layers

Shake the polish very well before using—more times than you usually do with a classic polish. You can do this by hand or with an electric shaker. Next, apply the nail polish in thin layers using short brushstrokes; three to four layers are ideal.

Step 4: Cure Nails Under Lamp

Use a UV to cure your nails. It is recommended not to try curing all your nails at once, or else they won’t cure properly. Try doing four fingers at a time. You want to make sure to do this correctly, so don’t skip this step or else the gel will never dry properly.

Step 5: Apply Gel Top Coat

Before you start to apply the topcoat, remember to cover the color completely. It is important to still avoid your cuticles and the edges. Without the proper application process, the color can matte and even chip off. But as long you apply the full topcoat, the color will be completely protected. After this dries, make sure to treat the cuticle with a bit of oil and lotion, and you are finished.