Best Nail Polish Colors for Short Nails

Best Nail Polish Colors for Short Nails

There are many forms of manicures on the market in the modern age. Many manicures are designed for long nails, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun colors and designs for those with shorter nails. Short nails can display many fun and unique looks as well. Learn about the best nail polish colors for short nails by reading below.

Purple and Violet Nails

It can be fun to try out colors that say something about yourself. Purple tends to be a popular favorite for many people. It’s beautiful and stands out from many other common nail colors. Try a lilac shade which is slightly lighter and perfect for any season.

Pink and White Manicure

Just because your nails are short, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a cute look. Start your nails off with a light pink, which you can wear with a variety of casual looks. Then, paint a bit of white along the top edges to create a French manicure. If you want to get creative, add in the white to create some lovely little stars. This gives it a touch of fun without going too over-the-top.

Nude Nails

The wonderful thing about nude nail polish is that it works with nearly every nail shape. Nude nails offer a lovely look for a variety of occasions, including casual and work events. There is even a variety of nude shades that includes pink, grey, off-white, and ivory. Nude nails will work well in gloss or matte finishes.

Hot Red Nails

Another great color, especially for short nails, is hot red. Short nails in this red hue are classic. They’ll shine wonderfully on a sunny day and add a touch of elegance to a nighttime event. Or, paint your nails in a hot red on a day you plan to go do something fun outdoors. The look is simple while still elegant.

Neon Yellow and Pink

Of the best nail polish colors for short nails, these neon nails will give you the most unique look. These neon colors create a perfect blend of fashion and fun and have just the right amount of radiance. Neon nails don’t need to be extreme; in fact, this is a case where less is often more. You can alternate neon yellow and pink polish on every other nail or try switching up the pattern in a more unique way.

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