Fourth of July Inspired Dip Nails

Fourth of July Inspired Dip Nails

Independence Day is the perfect time to show off your American pride and flaunt some patriotic colors. Your manicure is no exception! If standard red, white, or blues nails aren’t giving you the patriotic spirit you desire, consider wearing some of these Fourth of July inspired dip nails to your Independence Day parties.

Independence Star Nails

If you want to upgrade your nails from regular blue nail polish for the Fourth of July, try adding some personalized and patriotic stars to your manicure. The Fourth of July is about showing off your love and appreciation for your country, so why not mimic the American flag’s iconic design on your nails? You can also opt for including a red and white striped nail design on alternating fingers to complete this look.

Shimmering Red, White, and Blue Nails

If you love fireworks on the Fourth of July, consider adding a shimmer to your red, white, and blue nails. Since fireworks are challenging to paint or recreate on a fingernail, an added sparkle polish can be an ideal compromise to fit your vision. Add a layer of shining polish to your nail dip set and turn your typical manicure into a shimmering accessory.

Pro Manicure Tip: Want to make your shimmering red, white, and blue nails more unique? Use your nail dip set to paint ombre nails that transition from blue to black. The shimmer layer over the top will resemble the bursts of a firework show at night.

Tie-Dye Fourth of July Nails

Can’t choose between red, white, or blue nails? Try mixing all these colors together! With tie-dye nails, you can create the perfect blend of patriotic colors without having to alternate fingers. Although painting tie-dye nails may seem like a complicated manicure, they are a simple design to achieve. Follow our steps on how to give yourself tie-dyed, Fourth of July inspired dip nails below.

How To Create a Tie Dye Effect for Your Manicure

  1. Prep your nails entirely before applying any polish.
  2. Add a white base coat to your finger.
  3. Apply two or three small dots of red and blue on top of your white base coat.
  4. Cover the top of your nail with a plastic seal and use your finger to push down on the polish.
  5. Uncover you’re the plastic from your finger to reveal your unique blend of tie-dye nails.
  6. Clean up any polish around your nail bed and finish the dip powder manicure.

There are plenty of patriotic designs to inspire your next manicure. With these unique patterns, you’ll have a personalized and meaningful set of nails to remind you of this important holiday.