How Dip Powder Nails Are Different to Traditional Acrylic

How Dip Powder Nails Are Different to Traditional Acrylic

When getting your nails done, you are going to have a few options for faux nails to get the look you desire. Two of the most popular options are dip powder and acrylic. Acrylics have been common for some time, but dip nails have risen in popularity in recent years for a few specific reasons. To learn about this unique option, read here as we investigate how dip powder nails are different to traditional nails.

Their Long-Lasting Period

Dip nails last longer than most other faux nails. While making your nails look beautiful, dip powder treatments can last up to eight weeks. Much of this has to do with the sealant coats that are laid over the initial powder dips. Acrylic nails will need touch-ups every 15-20 days as your nails.

Shorter and Less Invasive Process

This tends to be one of the most distinct examples of how dip powder nails are different from traditional acrylic. The manicurist dips a person’s nails into a jar of powder once. After that, some sealer coats are applied, and they are finished. Acrylics require sculpting and the adding of adhesives, which require the assistance of a professional as well as more time. For this reason, dip nails have become a practical method to do yourself. All you need is a good quality dip starter kit to begin.

They Are Durable and Flexible

Acrylic nails are tough and tend to have good durability for that reason. Dip nails have the benefit of being durable while remaining flexible. This can make dip powder more practical for someone with a lot of daily routines and tasks that involve using their hands. Acrylics will protect the natural nail as long as they aren’t bumped too hard or torn off, in which case the natural nail could be significantly damaged.

The Process Has No Chemical Smell

The process of having your nails done with dip powder has little to no smell because it only uses a resin-based coating like superglue. On the other hand, acrylics only work with the chemical liquid, monomer. This creates an almost unavoidable and very strong scent, especially when you walk into a nail salon.

They Are Possibly Safer

Dip nails require the use of acetone for the removal process. This can usually be done at home without the help of a professional. The removal of acrylic nails requires a much more cautious process. It is best to get acrylics removed at the salon for a safer process. The adhesives used to apply acrylic nails have the potential to damage the natural nail if not removed properly.