How To Properly Care for Your Dip Powder Nails

How To Properly Care for Your Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails have a special process that has caught a lot of attention and grown in popularity in recent years. Much of this is because of its practical and less harmful process. There are some important things you should do, though, in order to maintain your dip nails’ beauty. Dip nails are already very durable and long-lasting as they are, but with the right methods of maintenance, your nails will continually look as good as the day you had them done. Here, we will talk about how to properly care for your dip powder nails.

Avoid Polish on the Cuticle

Remembering to avoid getting any of the polish and adhesives on your cuticle will help immensely in caring for your nails once they are done. When polish makes it onto the cuticle, it can get scraped easily, which will potentially lift the rest of the polish on your nail. This will make more of the polish eventually start to chip away, destroying the finish much sooner then it would naturally.

Dry Your Nails Properly

Allowing your nails to dry properly will affect how well they last. Make sure when they have been finished to use cool air to dry the polish. There are a couple of good methods that can help with this process. One of the most obvious methods is using a fan. Just sit your hands in front of it with the nails extended out. Another good method is using a blow dryer. All you have to do is make sure that it is on a cool setting.

Re-Apply the Top Coating

A great thing about dip nails is how this process uses a very durable top sealer coating to protect the polish. This not only keeps the nails protected, but it also makes them easier to maintain. All you have to do is periodically re-apply the top coating, and your nails will be good to go. Just make sure to look up professional nail products to make sure you get the correct and best quality product.

Avoid Using Hand Sanitizer

When wondering how to properly care for your dip nails, this is a detail not often thought of—it will be wise to avoid using hand sanitizers. Due to the fact that they are made from alcohol, sanitizers can dry out your skin and damage the top layer of the manicure. Stick to using soap and water, as these will keep your hands cleaner and will be perfectly fine on your nails.