The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Nail Kit

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Nail Kit

Whether you have a preferred style of manicure or not, there are specific items you’ll need to do your own nails at home. Every style of manicure or faux nail has essential tools and additional products that are common among each other. Get yourself ready with the ultimate guide to building your nail kit below.

Nail Polish Remover

One of the first items to include in your home nail kit is proper nail polish remover. You can find many different types of removers. Some recommend avoiding any that use acetone. You may, however, need acetone if you are working with dip powder, gel nails, or acrylic. No matter what, you need a remover that’ll take the polish off without damaging the natural nail.

Moisturizing Cream or Oil

You absolutely want to make sure you have moisturizing cream or oil for your cuticles. When you give your nails any kind manicure, your nails and cuticles will get dried out from multiple steps in the process. Your cuticles need a cream or oil to rehydrate and keep them healthy. Foregoing this can cause them to crack or breakdown, which can start to affect your nails.

Cuticle Pusher

Your manicure will also benefit from making sure you have a cuticles pusher. Cuticle pushers are used to clear dead skin off nails. The best use for it is for pushing your cuticles so they’re clear of any adhesives. If you get adhesives on them, it can cause lifting, which could lift the whole manicure and ruin it.

Nail Files and Buffers

Files for your nails and buffers are going to be especially important. Not only are they beneficial for the condition of your nails but they’re a necessary tool for the application process of most faux nails. You will need to file your nail surfaces and edges to help the adhesives and bonds work properly. You can use a wood board file on the edges of the nail to soften them. A buffer should also be included to make your nails shinier and softer.

Nail Brushes

Don’t forget nail brushes which are great for several uses. There are different kinds you should look into, depending on the type of manicures you prefer. There are brushes for cleaning your nails with soap and water, and there are brushes for special processes, such as dip powder treatments.

Topcoat, Base Coat, and Preferred Color Polish

Finally, you want to make sure you have your topcoat and bottom coat. These are needed to provide your polish with protection. The base coat will help it adhere while the topcoat protects from peeling. The ultimate guide to building your nail kit wouldn’t be complete without your preferred nail polish color. The type will depend on the manicure process you want to use. You need to buy dip powder instead of polish if you use dip powder nails. Gels will also require the specific type of polish.