Tips for Filling Your Dip Powder Nails

Tips for Filling Your Dip Powder Nails

Several weeks after you’ve had your dip powder nails done, they can start to wear down, as well as grow out, exposing your natural nails. Rather than waiting for your dip nails to completely wear down or be removed, you can simply learn how to fill the nails. As there are several steps to this process, it’s important to be informed on exactly what you’ll need to do. For tips on filling your dip powder nails, read below.

Properly Prep the Nails

First, start by sanitizing your hands. Because our nails typically build up all sorts of invisible bacteria throughout the day, a manicure process is always best with clean nails. Consider investing in some professional nail equipment including a cuticle pusher, a sanding band, and a filer. Once your nails are cleaned, gently push back the cuticles to protect them from getting any adhesives and powder on them. Take the sanding band over the nail surface and get it rough. Then, you should file the nail surface and sides, removing any color from the original manicure.

Applying the New Bond, Bases, and First Layer of Powder

Once you have the nail roughed and filed, you’re ready to start the process of the bond and bases. Apply the bond to the entire surface of the natural nail. After this, get your base and the new powder color that you want to fill the nail with. Apply the base over the surface of the nail. Next, dip your nail into the powder. Bring it out and dust it off lightly. Apply another layer of base, and then repeat the step with the powder. Add a full layer of base a third time, but this time dip the nail into the clear powder.

Use Seal Protect and File/Buff Again

You will notice our tips for filling your dip powder nails tend to have some repeated tasks, but these are necessary for your nails to look their best. After you’ve added the clear powder, paint on a coat of seal protect over the full nail. You will need your tools to file, shape, and buff out the edges and nail surface. Next, add a second layer of the seal and protect. Wipe your nail down with cloth after.

Apply Top Coats and Cuticle Oil

Apply top coat to the surface of the whole nail. Make sure to apply it in quick, thin strokes for an even coat. After that dries, you should add a second layer to ensure a stronger protection. The final thing to remember is to add nourish oil to your cuticles. The process of the manicure can dry out your cuticles, so it’s important to use this oil. Massage into cuticles.