Unique and Abstract Nail Designs

Unique and Abstract Nail Designs

Although classic colors are always fun to paint on your nails, crafting unique designs can sometimes be more satisfying. When you create customized designs on your nails or invent unique color combinations, you make your manicure feel more personalized and distinguishable.

Unique nail designs can also inspire new ideas for outfits and accessories to fit your creative aesthetic. In this blog, we’ll share some of the most unique and abstract nail designs to experiment with during your next manicure. These customized styles will inspire you to let out your creative inner artist! To learn more, keeping reading!

Line Drawing Nail Art

Over the past few years, line art has become increasingly popular for home décor and interior designs. Line art channels abstract and minimalistic stroke marks to create faces, bodies, and other figures. While these designs may appear simple, they can showcase chic and sophisticated art that reflects your style.

Why not take this unique trend and transfer it to your nails? Although line drawings are less common on nails, this art style is highly appliable and customizable. Simply choose a background polish color that will complement your secondary line drawing color. We recommend mixing light and dark shades to ensure that you can easily see and distinguish the lines from their surroundings. 

Use your own imagination and creativity to draw abstractions of faces, bodies, and other images. Once you’ve crafted these drawings, your nails will have a highly personal and distinctive design that you can pair with any outfit or accessory. Here are some figures you might want to try creating for your line art nails:

  • Faces
  • Bodies
  • Eyelashes 
  • Lips 
  • Curved lines
  • Intersecting lines

Art Deco Nails

If you love experimenting with different shades of polishes and finding new favorite color combinations, art deco nails are an excellent option for your next manicure. Art deco nails combine intense combinations of bold colors with unique shapes and designs. Artists first used the art deco aesthetic in architecture, home designs, and two-dimensional artwork. Now, you can bring this style to your manicures as well.

We recommend starting your art deco nails by choosing two shapes and colors to alternate on each nail. For example, if you decide on circles and squares with pink and gold polish, you can create unique designs and pops of color inside these shapes.

An art deco style will make your nails look experimental, professional, and highly captivating. For more inspiration on art deco color combinations, check out these suggested pairings:

  • Blue and emerald
  • Black and gold
  • Pink and white
  • Orange and yellow 

Cosmic and Celestial Nails

Want to design your nails so that they’re out of this world? If you’re a lover of everything cosmic and celestial, we recommend recreating the wonders of outer space on your nails. Although this nail design may seem difficult to apply, it’s actually highly manageable.

One of the best benefits of creating a cosmic or celestial design on your nails is that there are many different inspirations to channel from space. Whether you’re interested in purple hues to paint galaxies on your fingers or you prefer to focus on the shapes of stars, the options for your celestial design are endless.

If you favor lighter colors and a more heavenly aesthetic, you can also create a pattern that channels the abstract designs of clouds against a dreamy blue backdrop. Gold glitter polishes and accessories will guarantee that your nails look out of this world. The following are some celestial patterns to use as inspiration:

  • Zodiac constellation pattern
  • Phases of the moon cycle
  • Simple stars

Animals Print Nails

Although cheetah print clothing and accessories lived and died in the early 2000s, this animal print has recently made a comeback in the world of nail art. Even more popular than this resurrected trend is the use of cow print designs. The iconic aesthetic of black and white cow print blobs has become increasingly prevalent in clothing, home decor, and accessories.

If you love this popular print, try adding it to your nails! Cow prints are easy to apply since the shapes of this pattern are so abstract. If cow print is not representative of your inner spirit animal, you can look to other designs as well. Regardless of what type of animal print you choose for your manicure, your finished nails will be highly imaginative and tailored to your style. These are some naturally patterned animals to model your nail art after:

  • Zebras
  • Tigers
  • Giraffes
  • Snakes

Rhinestone Nail Art

Even if you’re not a fan of glitter, small rhinestones can embellish any ordinary manicure to create a unique and abstract nail design. We recommend using a clear or sheen polish to cover your natural nail. Once your nails have a natural and transparent glow, you can add rhinestones to different areas of your nail.

We also suggest changing the formation of your rhinestones on each nail. For example, place four small gold rhinestones around the curve of your nail bed on your pinky. Next, put some rhinestones in a diagonal formation on your ring finger. Continue changing the design and structure of your rhinestone placement until you have a finished manicure. The final look of your nails will be artistic, one-of-a-kind, and elegant.

When your nails serve as a form of self-expression, finding new ways to create unique and imaginative designs is essential. As you apply your artistic vision to your manicures, your nails will feel more representative of your personality. And the more personalized your nails are, the more comfortable and confident you can be as you show them off to friends and family.

Before you start your next manicure, we recommend looking over our tips for creating nail designs to help you find inspiration. Regardless of the patterns or colors that you choose when crafting your vision around, your finished manicure will be a work of art.

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Unique and Abstract Nail Designs