Kiara Sky E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Protect Card like cash. Card not valid for use until purchased and activated. Purchase, use or acceptance of Card constitutes acceptance of Terms. Usable up to remaining Card balance to purchase goods or services at Not redeemable for cash unless required by applicable law. Card does not expire or incur fees. Card cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. Issuer is not responsible for use of Card without authorization. For balance inquiry, additional and changed terms (Issuer reserves right to change Terms at any time), visit or contact
  • Gift Card Redemption: Kiara Sky Nail eGift Cards are redeemable for merchandise at Kiara Sky Nails eGift Cards are not redeemable with our distributors and only on the Kiara Sky US site . They cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  • Returns: Kiara Sky Gift eGift Card are not eligible for returns or refunds.
  • Lost or Stolen Gift Cards: Kiara Sky eGift Cards should be treated like cash and safeguarded accordingly. If lost, stolen or damaged, Card will not be replaced.