Congratulations bestie, you're minutes away from the acrylic nails of your dreams! Our xPress ProTM guide includes everything you need to know about press on nails, including tips and tricks straight from the pros!

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How to apply 100% acrylic press on nails

Combine the strength of acrylic with the beauty of pre-designed acrylic press on tips to get salon-quality nails that last up to 3 weeks! It's time to take your press-ons to the next level, so let's nail this thing together!

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Do you think you can handle all the press on greatness you're about to have on the tip of your fingers? We do! You've watched all the videos but just in case, we took notes! Click the button below to download a PDF version of instruction guide.

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Stock up on new designs and get everything you need for the perfect acrylic nails, from nail removal kits to cuticle oil!

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  • Yes! Similarly to acrylic, applying your press ons with Dip Powder will help them last longer.
  • Absolutely, xPress yourself! If you love a design but aren't too crazy about the length you can always trim them or file them down.
  • YES! If you're extra rough with your nails and want an extra layer of protection we recommend applying a thin layer of Gel Top Coat. A nail lacquer top coat is not recommended because it will chip.
  • We got you, bestie! If you're experiencing lifting with your press ons it's important to identify what may be causing it. Is it nail prep? The fit of the tips, or application?
    • First things first, make sure your nail is prepped properly. This means pushing back the cuticles, removing the shine from the entire nail (not just filing a bit), and making sure you remove excess oils with an alcohol pad.
    • Secondly, you want to make sure your tips fit perfectly from sidewall to sidewall, if your tip is too big or too small it will lift. Keep in mind your nail tips must fit perfectly without you having to force them down.
    • Lastly, when applying your press ons make sure you are have the perfect amount of product to avoid spillage. If you do experience spilling you can simply clean it up with a lint-free wipe.
  • Good news bestie, our xPress Pro Acrylic Press Ons are ready to wear and don’t require a top coat! If you are extra rough on your nails and would like to secure your design for longer, you may add a thin coat of Non Wipe Gel Top Coat to shiny press on designs ONLY and cure under an LED light for 60 seconds. We DO NOT recommend adding a matte top coat to matte xPress Pro designs as it can cause premature chipping.

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