11 blue nail designs we can't get over

ombre blue nail designs

Photo by @nailedbyterry via Instagram

We’re obsessed with blue nail designs. From abstract waves to mermaid nails to a horizontal blue ombre, there are a ton of super cute designs you can pull off with a few strategic shades of blue.   

Let’s take a look at 11 of our favorite blue nail designs.

1. Waves

This blue nail design is elegant, artistic, and worthy of a close-up. A+++ for such a stunning color combination. 

Recreate This Look: Silver Lining + Pure White + Skies The Limit + Gimme A Beat

2. Bluesy Nudes

Can we please talk about how amazing this bright blue looks next to such a flawless nude? It’s to die for. 

Recreate This Look: Gimme A Beat + Nudes

3. Blue nails with a silver lining

Chrome nail polish is a really easy tool you can use to enhance any color or pattern — especially when it’s silver or gold chrome nail polish. 

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4. Multi-colored blue tips

Experimenting with all the different ways to pull off French tips is one of our favorite things to do, and this multi-colored, multi-styled French is giving us a ton of inspo.

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5. Matte blue nail designs

Whether we’re working with hearts, stars, polka dots, or something else, we’re huge fans of matte blue nails. Actually, if we’re being honest, we’re huge fans of matte nails in general.  

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6. Horizontal blue ombre nails

A horizontal ombre is an incredibly easy look to pull off, and it looks great. Especially when we’re working with such vibrant blues.

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7. Blue and white swirls

The majority of these blue nail designs aren’t difficult to replicate, but they still look amazing — and that has everything to do with the color combos. Pairing the right shades together can take any design to that next level.

Recreate This Look: Pure White + Skies The Limit + Gimme A Beat + Etiquette First

8. Bright blue glitter 

Okay, yes... the blue glitter tips look amazing. But can we please talk about the absolute genius idea to add that pink outline??? PERFECTION.

Recreate This Look: Cosmic Blue + Blue Lights + Oh So Boho

9. Into the blue abyss

As far as blue nail designs go, this one takes the gold, silver, and bronze medal. We’re headed straight into the blue nail abyss, and we’re not coming back out.

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10. Blue rhinestones

These multi-shaped blue rhinestones make us happy. We’re especially loving the placement — from the two at the tip to the fading cluster.

Get The Rhinestones: Ocean Eyes

11. Blue mermaid

From seashells and starfish to rhinestones and glitter, this beautiful blue mermaid set has it all. High fives all around.

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