19 glorious gold nail designs for any occasion

gold nail design with french tips and glitter

Gold nail designs are supreme. Gold polish looks good next to any color, can enhance any pattern, and can commit no serious fashion faux pas. It’s a fact.  

So if you’re thinking about your next set of nails and you’re not sure which direction to head in, we recommend traveling to the city of gold nail designs. It’s a beautiful place that can do no wrong. 

Let’s take a look at 19 GLORIOUS gold nail designs.

1. Nude base with gold stars

Gold is gorgeous with nearly every color, but we especially love gold when it’s paired with a nude base. The contrast is so subtle, yet so stunning. ⭐

Get The Nude Base: Bare With Me

2. Green & yellow marble with gold outline

A lot of gold nail designs use gold sparingly as an outline, and we love that. It’s a simple way to enhance beautiful nail art. 💚💛

Get The Green: Call It Cliché 

3. Gold & white swerves

Gold and white are the ultimate power couple. It’s an elegant color combo that looks good on everyone. 

Get The White: Pure White

4. Light pink & gold foil

We love pink, so we’re a little biased when it comes to this particular gold nail design. But still, it looks great, doesn’t it?

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5. Yellow, white, & gold nail designs

Whether you’re covering the entire nail or only a small piece of it, this color combo looks excellent together — making it one of our all-time favorite examples of gold nails. 

Recreate This Look: The Bees Knees + Pure White + 24k 

6. Gold hearts

Gold is a great way to take a simple doodle to that next level. 

Get The Base: Cheer Up Buttercup

7. Gold, black, and white tips

We are absolutely obsessed with gold, black, and white tips, and there are a million and one ways to pull this style off. ❤

Recreate This Look: Black To Black + Pure White + 24k

8. Gold bling

We love bling of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, it’s an easy way to create stunning gold nail designs. 💅

Recreate This Look: Flower Child + Honey Pot Stones 

9. Gold glitter

Similar to rhinestones, glitter is an easy way to step up your nail art game (especially when it’s gold). 

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10. Gold rub on powder

If you’re not comfortable using gold foil, gold rub on powder is perfect for you. Rub on powder is really easy to work with, and it looks amazing.

Recreate This Look: Wifey Material + Skies The Limit + Thrill Seeker + 24k

11. Spaced-out swerves

We love how perfectly spaced out and even these white and gold swerves are. Plus, they’re using gold rub on powder, and you know how we feel about rub on powder. 😜

Recreate This Look: Creme D’ Nude + Pure White + 24k

12. Wavy tips with gold outline

Okay, how gorgeous is this gold nail design? It’s a traditional design with a small adjustment, but it looks so modern and so clean that it’s hard not to love it.  

Recreate This Look: Exposed + Pure White + 24k

13. Gold glitter & shimmery brown

We love this combo together. The colors melt together so effortlessly, making it a total stunner of a gold nail design. 

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14. Long nails + gold = perfection

We’ve already shown you a few swervy gold and white combos, but we’re obsessed with long nail designs. So we couldn’t not bring this one up. 

Recreate This Look: Pure White + 24k

15. Gold glitter & caramel

This gold nail design is giving us so much joy right now. We love how the artist went from heavy to light to no gold glitter and then topped it off with a delicious caramel brown shade. 

Recreate This Look: It's A Mood + Champagne Toast

16. Gold & dark green

We are huge fans of green nail designs, especially when that green is paired with a vivid gold, deep black, and nude overlay. 💣  

Recreate This Look: Call It Cliché + 24k + Black To Black

17. Gold & matte green

You already know our feelings towards green and gold. But a matte top coat will take things to that next level every single time. 

Go Matte: Velvet Matte Top Coat

18. Gold glitter tips

Nude nails with colored tips are always a great choice. Fading gold glitter only makes that choice better. 


Get Glitter: 3d Textured Nail Glitter 

19. One thick gold line

You don’t need a ton of gold on every nail to make a bold statement, and this gold nail design proves that. 👍

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