12 green nail designs we’re totally digging right now

glitter and green nail designs

Most people aren’t walking into salons asking for green nail designs. And that’s a real shame. 

It’s always “pink this” and “nude that”, but we’re here to tell you that we’ve had enough. It’s time for green nails to have their moment in the spotlight.

Here are 12 green nail designs we’re totally digging right now.

1. Crocodile Nails

Yes. A thousand times yes. We’re 100% obsessed with crocodile nails. 

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2. Minimalistic Crocodile Nails

Yes. A million times yes. We’re 1,000% obsessed with minimalistic crocodile nails. 

Create This Look: Creme D’ Nude + Strike Gold + Green With Envy

3. Green Abstract Hearts

Sure, the hearts are beautiful. But can we also recognize how beautiful the contrast is between the dark green and light green and the nude and dark green? 

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4. The Ultimate Trio

Okay, Greek goddess. This color trio is an absolute stunner. We’ll take dark green, gold, and black together any day of the week.

Create This Look: 24k + Ice For You + Black To Black

5. Green on Green on Clear

One set of funky nails coming right up. This swirly green look is fun in all the right ways.

Create This Look: Cray Grey + Green With Envy + Pure White

6. Khaki Swirl

It’s official. Khaki has made a comeback, and we’re completely hooked.

Create This Look: 24k + Call It Cliche + Black To Black

7. Neon Green Camo

Who knew we’d be painting camo nails in 2021? We certainly didn’t, but we’re okay with it.

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8. Key Lime Pie

We never knew how much we liked key lime pie until right this very moment. We’ll definitely need seconds.

Create This Look: Matcha Latte + Tropic Like It’s Hot + Appletini

9. Green Marble

Marble nails are gaining in popularity lately, and we’re here for it. Especially when they’re paired with gold chrome nail polish.

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10. Green and yellow pineapples

We’re not sure what we like more — the perfectly adorable pineapples or the absolute genius color combo. Either way, we’re fans.  

Create This Look: Main Squeeze + Go Green

11. Green horizontal ombre

A horizontal ombre is one of our favorite ways to switch up a classic French. Especially when we’re working with multiple stunning shades of green.

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12. Neon Green & Highlighter Yellow Gradient

If you’re going for something bold, this is it. It doesn’t get that much bolder than neon green and highlighter yellow paired together. 

Create This Look: Out of Monet + Self Portrait