11 Nude Nail Designs You Can’t Help But Love

Nude nail designs are giving us all the feels right now.

While we love a bright and funky set of gel art nails, nude nails take sophisticated and chic to a whole new level. And with our newest line-up of cover acrylics, we’re spending all our days lately painting in the nude.

But don’t be fooled by common misconceptions. Nude nail art is rarely ever dull. While this special type of acrylic nail art may steer more towards “neutral” colors, neutral is the last word we’d ever use to describe nude nails.

Let’s take a look at 15 of our favorite types of nude nail designs.

1 Straight-up Nude Nails

We can’t talk about our favorite nudes without showing a classic set of straight-up nude nails. But keep in mind — nude nails aren’t always “beige.” The idea is that they appear more “natural” and closely match your skin tone. They look sophisticated and tend to elongate your fingers.

2 Multi-colored Nude Nails

Like we said, nude doesn’t always mean “beige” — and with our newest line-up of cover acrylics, we have a handful of taupe, pink, peach, sheer, shimmery, and clear shades to choose from.

3 Nudes + Pastels

There’s just something about nude and pastel nails that makes us shiver in the best way possible. There’s nothing quite like a little nude color mixed with some pastel pinks, baby blues, and light purples.

4 Black + White Line Work

We are seeing this trend everywhere, and we are not mad about it. Not. One. Bit. A nude nail with black nail art is so simple, yet so impactful, and we’re totally here for it.


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5 Nude Ombre Nails

Nude ombre nails are hot, hot, hot right now. Whether you want to go from a light nude to a clear nude or a clear nude to a neon, nude ombre nails are soft and sophisticated, yet striking and playful.

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6 Nudes with Asymmetrical Tips

While we do love a classic French manicure, asymmetrical tips take things to that next level every single time.

7 Bedazzled Nudes

We love nail rhinestones, and nude nails have a knack for making your hand-picked rhinestones stand out more. Plus, if you spent all that time picking out the perfect stones, why wouldn’t you want them to stand out?


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8 Minimalistic Nude Nails

The majority of nude nail art is all about minimalism, but a tiny pop of color on every nail can take this concept and amplify it to the nth degree.

9 Daisies with Nude Nails

Simple daisies look good on any set of nails — nude or not. Slap a daisy or two on every nail or use them sparingly on your ring finger.

10 Nude Silhouettes

We don’t know why we love this trend so much, but we do. Actually, that’s a lie. We know why we love it — it’s simple and interesting (which are two things that are difficult to accomplish at the same time).

11 Half Nude, Half Fill-in-the-Blank

Sometimes you can’t decide what you want — so you go halfsies. Half nude, half leopard. Half nude, half glitter. Half nude, half neon. You get the idea. 


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