14 of the loveliest minimalist nail art designs we’ve seen

nude and white minimalist nail art design

Minimalist nail art is all about small designs that leave a big impact.

A random swerve. A tiny pop of color. An out-of-nowhere shape. That’s really all it takes to be part of this niche nail art category.

But don’t be fooled. Minimalist nails might seem random — but that’s the absolute last thing they are.

Let’s take a look at 14 of the loveliest minimalist nail art creations we’ve seen lately.

1. White minimalist nail art

Like we said… minimalist nail art is all about those random swerves. But nail art within this category is also really good at using neutral colors in non-neutral ways.

Get This Look: Re-Nude + Pure White

2. Barely there tips

Skip the traditional French tips and swipe on your favorite gel polish duo at the tippiest tippety-tip of your nails. It’s a minimalist nail trend we hope never goes away.

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3. Gold swerves

When it comes to minimalist nail art, chrome nail powders absolutely nail it (no pun intended).

Get The Look: Gold Nail Powder + The Bees Knees + Pure White

4. French ombre

If you’re going for a traditional look with a minimalist feel, this is the design you’ve been looking for. 

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5. 24k tips

Like we said, chrome nail powder nails it every time (especially when paired with a natural cover acrylic powder).

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6. Pure white V tip

Thick or thin, a V tip is a super hot, yet super minimal way to step up your nail art game.

Get The Look: Bare With Me + Pure White

7. Matted gold

When it comes to minimalist nails, a matte top coat paired with gold (or silver) is the ultimate power couple. One mutes, while the other amplifies.

Get The Look: Gold Nail Powder + Matte Top Coat

8. Faded cow print

When we started gathering good examples of minimalist nails together, we didn’t expect cow print to make the list. But here we are, and here it is.

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9. Understated neon cheetah print

Who knew neon animal print could be pulled off in a minimalist fashion? We definitely didn’t, but we’re glad it happened. 

Get This Look: Gel Art Nail Paint

10. Neon nudes

Paint on a nude overlay with a few perfectly planned out swipes of neon and you got yourself a beautiful set of minimalist nails.

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11. Nude on top of nude

Playing with different shades of nude is a fun and easy way to create minimalist nail art.

Get This Look: Cover Acrylic Collection

12. Art makes art

You can get inspiration from everywhere around you (even 70-year-old paintings).

Get This Look: Soho + Black Tie Affair

13. Textured hearts

Textured nail art can turn out in really interesting ways, especially when it’s paired with a muted gradient. 

Get This Look: Laven-Dare + Rose Bonbon + Pure White

14. Bubble Yum

Like we said, inspiration for minimalist nail art can come from anywhere (even from packs of bubble gum). 

Get This Look: Lunar or Later + Iris and Shine + Bubble Yum