15 flower nail designs that deserve to be framed

flower nail designs in pink

To say we’re obsessed with flower nail designs, would be an understatement. 

Flower nail art can be funky or sophisticated, simple or over-the-top, glitter-topped or blinged-out. 

...or all of the above at the same time. 

Long story short, whatever the flower vibe is, we’re feeling it. Like, really feeling it.

Let’s take a look at 15 flower nail designs that deserve to be photographed, framed, and hung in the nail art hall of fame.

1. Split color flower nail designs

Simple, bold, and colorful. What more could you ask for? 

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2. Overlapping flowers

The great thing about this flower nail art is that it looks complicated, but it’s not. This design is doable at most any skill level. 

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3. Multi-colored flowers with gold accents

There’s something just so stunningly perfect about this color and pattern combination. We literally cannot get over it. 

Get The Look: Main Squeeze + High Maintenance + Skies The Limit + Grapefruit Cosmo + Pink Tutu

4. 3d flower power pinky

3d flowers are absolutely stunning on nails, and this design is no exception. We’re totally digging a flowered-out pinky mixed with rhinestones. 

Get The Look: Bare Velvet + Dress to Impress + Pink Panther + Pink Tiara ⠀⠀ 

5. Simple white daisies

People have been painting white daisies on nails since forever, but they look a thousand times more amazing when paired with a nude cover acrylic.

Get The Look: Pink Parade Cover + Boba Time Cover + Pure White + Light Up + Clear

6. Split down the middle

This is definitely considered a minimalist nail art design, but there’s nothing that ‘miminal’ about it. 

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7. Cherry blossom art

There’s a lot more to flower nail designs than white daisies and yellow sunflowers, and this look proves it.

Get The Look: Laven-Dare + Dark Pink + Non Wipe Top Coat

8. Skinny flowers & a nude base

This design is an absolute masterpiece. The color palette, the nude cover, and the skinny petals are giving us all the best feels in all the best ways.

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9. Tiny black flowers

If you have the right tools, a lot of flower nail designs are easily mastered (even if you’re totally new to nail art). This look, in particular, is cute and sophisticated — but can be done with nothing more than a toothpick.

10. Bright colors and white petals

We love to see patterns that pop, and this flower nail design accomplishes this in such an elegant way. 

11. Funky florals & more

We’re picking up what this set is putting down. 10 out of 10. 

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12. Multi-toned green flowers

We appreciate the subtle shake-up of tones here, and the tones look even more deliciously perfect with that nude cover.

Get The Look: Call It Cliche + Matcha Latte + Hush Hush + Pure White

13. Painted on stems

Sometimes it’s more about the stems and less about the petals. 

14. Yellows and lavender corners

There are a million and one ways to showcase the same flower, and this look is a classic example. We love big, corner daisies with toned-down colors. 

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15. All-over 3d flowers

We’re loving the look of these tropical-themed flowers. And the fact that they’re 3d is just the icing on the cake. 

Get The Look: Light Up + Go Green + Smooch + Fun & Flirty + Peachy Keen