4 Benefits of Natural Acrylic Nail Powder

natural acrylic cover powder

Natural acrylic nail powder is just another term for cover acrylic powder. Generally speaking, cover powder is a type of nail extension that’s designed with a specific look and process in mind (more on this in a second). But why would you opt for cover acrylics as opposed to any other type of extension? Let’s dig into this a bit.


They look natural!

That’s right! Natural acrylic nail powder (aka, cover powder) looks natural. You’re probably saying “duh” right now — but it’s true. Cover powder colors are typically formulated in a variety of shades that closely resemble skin tones and your nail bed. When cover powder is applied to your nail, it almost looks as if your nail is “naturally” extended. 

Our newest cover powder lineup features colors like Mauve Taupe, Boujee Beige, and Roscato.

People sometimes refer to cover acrylic powder as “nude acrylics” — since it can sometimes look as if your nails have no (or very little) color on them.

The nails look stunning

Cover acrylics are typically used for French manicures, for ombre styles, and to extend the natural nail bed. It’s a beautiful overlay that blends seamlessly.

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They’re great for ombres

Speaking of nail art, natural-looking ombre nails, in particular, are extremely popular right now. With cover powder acrylics, this look is easily achieved.

The finish is flawless 

Cover powder is specifically created to avoid pixilation and marbling and to self-level and blend well. 

Our Cover Acrylic Collection was created with an innovative Perfect Set Formulation that takes “flawless” to that next level.

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