18 cheetah print nails that are super glamorous

pink cheetah print nails

Photo by @fiepedersen.dk via Instagram

Cheetah print nails are wonderful. But if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, animal print nails are wonderful in general. 🐄🐅🦓🦒

Cheetah print nails are super fun and can be pulled off in a lot of different ways — laid on top of some v tips, painted on in multi-colored neon, outlined in chrome, or topped with glitter (or all of the above at the same time).

We’ve laid out 18 of the cutest ways to pull off cheetah print nails. Take a look and save your favorite design for later. 😍

1. Just a little animal print 🐆

You don’t need a ton of cheetah print to pull off some epic animal print nails. All you need is a little glitter there and a little glitter here. 

2. Matte cheetah print nails

We love the nude and black color combo, but we love the matte top coat even more. 😻

Recreate This Look: Laven-Dare + Creme D’ Nude + Black To Black + Velvet Matte

3. Purple on purple cheetah print nails 💜

If you’re having trouble picking a color combo, multiple shades of the same color always looks great.

4. Abstract cheetah print 

A simple stroke of neon or pastel gel polish underneath animal print is a simple way to level up your design. ✨

Recreate This Look: The Perfect Nude + Gimme A Beat + Black To Black

5. Pink base & gold chrome powder 🌟

Take that traditional cheetah print and enhance it with a pastel pink base and a gold outline. Simple, but effective. 

6. Cut-out hearts & v tips 💖

These cheetah print nails definitely have an abstract vibe to them, and we’re totally vibing to this mish-mash of patterns.

Recreate This Look: Pure White + Black To Black + CEO

7. Gold glitter

Gold glitter works hard, so you don’t have to. 💅

8. Random color combos 💛💚💜

Most people wouldn’t naturally pair neon green v tips with black and brown cheetah print — but that’s what makes this look so genius.

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9. Pink cheetah print nails 

Skip the pink base and go for the gold with full-on pink cheetah print. 

10. Multi-colored cheetah print nails

If you can’t decide on a color, just use them all. If you don't want to switch up the cheetah print, you can switch up the base color instead.

11. Cheetah print flames 🔥

Is there anything more random than cheetah print flame nails? Probably not. But we’re still feeling this design either way. 

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12. Cheetah hearts

We love cheetah print, and we love hearts. So why not put the two together? 🤝

13. Multi-textured

Level up your nail art by playing with multiple mediums on one set of nails — glitter, chrome powder, and gel polish.

14. Neon yellow 💛

There really is a cheetah print look for every vibe. Right now, we’re getting some serious summer vibes. hbu?

Get The Yellow: New Yolk City

15. Multiple animal prints

Animal print nails are super cute in general. So if you can’t decide between cheetah print, cow print, and giraffe print — mix it up and get them all. 

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16. Gold bling

We love how stunning those bright gold rhinestones look next to that brown and black cheetah print. It’s a 10 out of 10 in our book.

Get The Rhinestones: Honey Pot

17. Traditional French tips 

There are a lot of fun ways to play up your French tips — cheetah print is a prime example.

18. 80’s vibes 

We don’t know about you, but these cheetah print nails remind us of a 1980s dance party. 

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