9 gel nail art designs you gotta see

orange and pink gel nail art design

With gel nail art, talented techs can get super into it with super thin lines, super intricate patterns, and super cool color combos.

Basically, it’s all really super.

But what gel nail art designs are our absolute faves right now? Let’s take a look at 9.

Stained Glass Tips

Yes. A thousand times yes. As far as gel nail art goes, stained glass tips don’t just take the cake — they take the whole bakery.

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😍🥰🤣 Nails

Throw a few emojis on your nails and call it a day. You’ll thank us later.

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Neon Clouds

This look makes absolutely no sense, but that only makes us love it even more.

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Rainbow French

We love seeing modern twists on traditional nail designs, and this super-colorful gel polish nail art is no different.

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Juicy Juice

Why be normal when you can have random slices of fruit on your nails? It’s not a rhetorical question.

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Melted Strawberry Ice Cream

Do these nails also remind you of melted strawberry ice cream or is that just us? Either way, this gel nail art look is giving us everything we ever wanted and more.

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Cheetah Print

We’re all about that animal print, especially when it’s neon. Let’s have a round of applause for this subtly perfect gel nail art design.

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Dripping Neon Paint

Okay, so there’s obviously a theme going on here, and it’s called “neon.” But would it even be gel nail art without a whole lot of color sprinkled in? That’s a negative, Nancy.

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Peacock Nails

Who knew peacocks could give out some major nail art inspo? Don’t check back with us later because we’ll be feeling this look for a while.

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