30 artistic nails you've probably never seen before

artistic nails with doodles 

Why have normal nails when you can have artistic nails? At Kiara Sky, we're all about multi-colored, multi-patterned, multi-textured nail art. In fact, the more abstract, the better.

But what are some of our favorite artistic nails? Let's take a look at 30 right now, and as always, don't forget to save your favorite set for later!

Face Frenchies

Recreate this look: Soho + Negative Space

Look created by: @beautybyelee

Abstract hearts


Recreate this look: Soho + Negative Space + Shades Of Cool + Silver Lining + Hypnosis

Look created by: @beautybyelee

Paint drops


Recreate this look: Gel Art Collection

Look created by: @smooch_nailsandtraining

Green, blue, and gold


Recreate this look: Tea-Quila Lime + Skies The Limit + 24k

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

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Split monochrome Frenchies


Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas + 24k

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Green and gold marble nails


Recreate this look: Hush Hush + 24k + Matcha Latte

Look created by: @_nails.by.katie.l_

Multi-colored Frenchies


Recreate this look: Gel Art Collection

Look created by: @katiealice_nail_design

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Camo hearts


Recreate this look: Call It Cliche + Black To Black + Palm Reader + Pink Tutu

Look created by: @fabysnails

Black, white, & pink


Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas + 24k + Rural St. Pink

Look created by: @thenailistaproject

Ombre middle lines


Recreate this look: Pure White + Partners In Wine + Someone Like Blue

Look created by: @thenailistaproject



Recreate this look: White Canvas + Royal + Head Over Heels + Laven-Dare

Look created by: @thenailistaproject

Multi-patterned & multi-colored


Recreate this look: Cheer Up Buttercup + CEO + Tropic Like It's Hot + Bubble Yum

Look created by: @elize_nails

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Matte green & nude artistic nails


Recreate this look: Call It ClicheNegative Space + White Canvas + Cheer Up Buttercup

Look created by: @elize_nails

Rainbows and animal print


Recreate this look: Gel Art + Egyptian Goddess + Black To Black

Look created by: @elize_nails

Lavender + negative space


Recreate this look: Chit Chat

Look created by: @elize_nails

Candy swirls


Recreate this look: Victorian Iris + Fashion Week + White Canvas + Let's Flamingle

Look created by: @beglamorousnails

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Pink abstract faces


Recreate this look: Let's Flamingle + Fun & Flirty + Negative Space

Look created by: @_beautbybee

Black & white tips


Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas

Look created by: @nail.art.by.tea

Random shapes


Recreate this look: Wine Down Collection + White Canvas

Look created by: @nail.art.by.tea

Black dots and colorful swirls


Recreate this look: Negative Space + White Canvas + Wine Down + Pour DecisionsFashion Week

Look created by: @embracenails

Cute doodles


Recreate this look: Gel Art

Look created by: @tessa.lyn.nails

The Hungry Caterpillar


Recreate this look: Gel Art

Look created by: @tessa.lyn.nails

Abstract people


Recreate this look: Encouragemint + Caution + Pink Tutu + Someone Like Blue 

Look created by: @tessa.lyn.nails

Natural artistic nails


Recreate this look: Caution + Wine Down + Fashion Week + Summer Fling

Look created by: @tessa.lyn.nails

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Wavy lines


Recreate this look: Summer Fling + Pour Decisions + Main Squeeze + Call It Cliche

Look created by: @tessa.lyn.nails

Simple lines


Recreate this look: Hypnosis + D'Lilac + 24k

Look created by: @monika__nails

50/50 artistic nails


Recreate this look: Hypnosis + 24k + Something Borrowed

Look created by: @monika__nails

3d acrylic flowers


Look created by: @chelseaoconnor_naileducator

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White artistic nails


Look created by: @nailedbymary

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Ombre + abstract French tip nails

Look created by: @nailedbymary

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