16 clear nail designs we’re really feeling right now

clear nail design with butterflies

Photo by @indigolune via Instagram

Clear nail designs can be a whole lot of fun.

Whether you decide to keep all nails, one nail, or just the tips clear, there are a million different ways you can use clear acrylic powder or dip powder to create really interesting and unique nail art. 

Let’s take a look at 16 ways you can pull off clear nails. 

1. Clear tips with stars

A nude base with clear tips looks super cute with a simple design laid on top. Stars are a great starting point, but this clear nail design would also look great with hearts, smiley faces, or flowers. ⭐

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2. Pink swirls on sheer pink

Applying a thin sheer base to your nails is a simple twist on traditional clear nail designs. Add a similar-colored gel polish to the top and you got yourself some really neat nail art. 

Recreate This Look: Miss Candied + Dress To Impress

3. Rainbow jellies 🌈

Here’s another clear nail design using sheer gel polish (or Jelly Gel Polishes). We’re totally feeling this funky pattern paired with such a stunning mixture of colors. 

Recreate This Look: Don't Be Jelly + Orange You Sweet + Miss Candied + Poolside + You Glow Girl

4. Clear nails with iridescent nail powder

Chrome nail powder looks amazing laid on top of clear nails. At Kiara Sky, we have a variety of mermaid, chrome, and holographic nail powders. These powders rub on to the top of your nail and create a reflective, shimmery, and iridescent finish. 

5. Encapsulated glitter 🦄

Clear nails have a knack for making glitter stand out. This is especially useful if you want people to make out the individual pieces of glitter (ex. if you’re using glitter with stars, hearts, or leaves mixed into it).

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6. Sheer spiderwebs 🕷

Here’s a super cute halloween look that’s really easy to pull off. All you have to do is apply a layer of sheer black gel polish and paint on the webs using a thin nail brush. 🕸

7. Winter nails

The closer you get to winter, the more clear nail designs you’ll start to see. That’s because clear nails look great with milky white tones and snowflakes. ❄

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8. XL stickers

Extra large stickers paired with extra large clear acrylics. We’re in love. 😍

9. Clear side tips

Here’s a popular clear nail design we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and we’re totally digging it.

Recreate This Look: Pure White + 24k + Clear

10. Clear neon nails

There’s a lot going on here, but our favorite part is definitely the clear nails topped with the neon-ombre zebra print.

11. Clear matte nails 

Hello, clear matte perfection. Can we take you home with us, please?

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12. Clear snowflakes ❄

Like we said, clear nails are great for winter themes — especially when we’re working with snowflakes.

13. Light pink side tips

We love clear nails paired with a light pink color. It’s a subtle color combo that can lead to some really stunning minimalist nail art.

Recreate This Look: Rural St. Pink

14. Just the ring finger 

If you’re not sure if you can pull off a full set of clear nails, then work yourself up to it. Start with the ring finger and top it with some glitter.

15. Just the ring finger… again

Here’s another design where just the ring finger is clear. But we really love this particular color combo — full coverage white nails with a little bit of gold. 

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16. 3d acrylic flowers ⚘

3d acrylic flowers look really beautiful on nails, and they stand out even more on top of a clear nail.

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