12 fall nail ideas to save for later

fall nail idea

At Kiara Sky, we’re saving fall nail ideas all year long. We’re huge fans of fall nail colors, and we love reppin’ these colors even in the middle of summer.

So when fall does officially decide to roll around, we’re big time ready.

But what are some of the cutest fall looks we’ve seen lately? Let’s take a look at 12 now, and as always, don’t forget to save your favorite fall nail idea for later!

1. Ombre nails

Shop the look: Pour Decisions + Boujee Beige + Clear + Acrylic Top Coat

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2. Green butterfly nails

Shop the look: Bottles Up

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3. Pink sweater nails

Shop the look: Sip Happens

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4. Gold glitter fall nail ideas

Shop the look: Chardon-Aye

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5. Pumpkin fall nails

Shop the look: Pour Decisions

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6. Vertical fall gradient

Shop the look: Egyptian Goddess + Naughty List + Love at Frost BiteTotally Whipped + Cheeky

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7. Glitter ombre tips

Shop the look: French Dip Powder Starter Kit + Strike Gold

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8. Dark fall nail ideas

Shop the look: Wine Down + 24K Gold Chrome

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9. Water droplets

Shop the look: Riyalistic Maroon + Velvet Matte Top Coat + Non Wipe Top Coat

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10. Ghost nail tips

Shop the look: Negative Space + White Canvas

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11. Day of the Dead nail art

Shop the look: White Canvas + Creative Outlet + Surreally Blue + Negative Space + Self Portrait

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12. Fall nail colors

Shop the colors: 2021 Wine Down Fall Collection