14 examples of pink glitter nails that’ll make you smile

pink glitter nails

It doesn’t get more extra than pink glitter nails. When someone takes out the pink nail glitter, you know something over-the-top is about to go down.

Is this a bad thing? Definitely not.

Let’s take a look at 14 recent examples of pink glitter nails that we’re super in love with.

1. Marble and ombre and glitter, oh my!

We love to see multiple designs happening on one set of claws, especially when there’s glitter involved. 

Get The Nail Glitter: Sass And Dazz

2. Pink Tiara

Is there a lot going on here? Absolutely. Are we still obsessed with it? Absolutely. 

Get The Nail Glitter: Pink Tiara

3. Frenchies with a glitter ombre

There are a ton of ways to accomplish a glitter ombre — but we definitely appreciate this stunning blue to pink glitter ombre.

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4. Light pink glitter nails

Step aside hot pink. We’ve officially entered the world of light pink, and we’re not leaving for a while. 

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5. Chunky pink glitter nails

There’s the typical nail glitter, and then there’s this. Total chunky pink perfection.

Get The Nail Glitter: Boss B

6. Rose gold nail glitter

From a barely there shimmer to a chunky in-your-face glitter, this rose gold set has all the sparkle and shine you could possibly want.

Get The Nail Glitter: Rose Velvet

7. Hot pink acrylic with bright pink glitter

Pink on pink. That’s what we like to see. Keep up the good work.

Get The Full Look: Pink Tiara + Fun & Flirty

8. Bright pink glitter v-tips

You’ll be looking beautiful sporting v-tips in our Be-U-Tiful pink nail glitter. That’s for sure.

9. Pink textured perfection

Sugared nails look amazing, especially when they’re pink. Let’s all give these pink glitter nails a round of applause.

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10. Pink glitter swirls

On very, very rare occasions, less is more. Sometimes all you need is a tiny bit of glitter to make a bold statement. 

Get The Nail Glitter: All I Can Pink Of + Pink Tiara

11. Pink on pink

Pink on pink will never fail you. Plus, if you have multi-colored pink glitter, it’ll look even more textured and vibrant on top of a pink polish.

Get The Full Look: Pinkerbell + Pink Perfect

12. Spring fling

Pink glitter flowers are what spring dreams are made of.

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13. Pink glitter on black polish

Pink on pink is great. But pink glitter on black polish is even better. Plus, this completely random color combo — beige, lavender, black, and pink — is incredible. We’re definitely saving this look for later. 

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14. Pink and white

We’re big fans of pink and white nail designs, and we’re big fans of rose gold glitter. Put the two together, and we’re one happy camper. 

Get The Nail Glitter: Rose Velvet