16 of the best nail color ideas ever

pink and orange nail color idea

In search of nail color ideas for your next set? Look no further. We literally think about this question all day, every day.

Take a look at 16 of our favorite nail color combos and get instant inspo for those future claws of yours.

1. Gold & White

This classic color combo looks stunning together. But let’s face it, gold looks great with any color, on any set of nails, no matter what. 

Get The Duo: Pure White + 24k Gold Chrome

2. Black & Nude

As far as nail color ideas go, black and nude isn’t exactly the craziest thing we’ve ever seen. However, it is an absolute stunner, and we’ll never stop recommending it.

Get The Duo: Laven-Dare + Black To Black

3. Blue & Green

Blue and green look fabulous together — but only if they’re the right shades. And these two shades are definitely the right ones. 

Get The Duo: Skies The Limit + Tropic Like It’s Hot

4. Gold & Nude

There are a lot of nail color ideas on this list that include gold or nude, and that’s not a coincidence. Gold and nude look amazing with lots of different colors and look even more amazing together.

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5. Light Pink & Neon Pink

At Kiara Sky, we’re all about pink nail designs, especially when that design uses one of our all-time favorite color combos — light pink & neon pink.

Get The Duo: Dress To Impress + Pink Dahlia

6. Orange & Nude

Here we go with the nude again, but are we mad about it? Not even a little bit. This highlighter orange and dark nude look gorgeous together.

Get The Duo: A Lil Foxy + Creative Outlet

7. Yellow & Pink

Yellow and pink are super fun together — but this color combo takes on a whole new persona when it’s covered in a matte top coat.

Get The Duo: Fun & Flirty + Golden Hour

8. Pink & White

Pure white nails can be hit or miss, but it’s almost always a hit when it’s paired with a vibrant pink.

Get The Duo: Razzleberry Smash + Pure White

9. Nude & Red

Have we mentioned lately how much we like nude? Because we really like it. Especially when a dark, rich red is laid on top of it.

Get The Duo: Sunburst + Boba Time

10. Black & Purple

This color combo reminds us of an 80s windbreaker, and we really couldn’t ask for anything more special than that.

Get The Duo: Black To Black + D’Lilac

11. Light Blue & Light Pink

Every time we see these two colors together we’re reminded of cotton candy. And who doesn’t want to be reminded of cotton candy?

Get The Duo: Wavy Baby + Pink Tutu

12. Purple & Nude

Oh look, it’s nude again. But this time we’re pairing it with the most beautiful shade of purple ever.  

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13. Black & White

We couldn’t lay out our favorite nail color ideas without including black and white. This duo is a great option for minimalist nail art

Get The Duo: Black To Black + Pure White

14. Pink & Black

Pink and black all day every day, baby. This color combo will never get old. NEVER.

Get The Duo: Black To Black + Bee-My-Kini

15. Brown & Black

Don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Black and brown is a delicious color combo that you shouldn’t not try.

Get The Duo: Treasure The Night + Black To Black

16. Lavender & Gold

If we’re being honest, gold goes with everything. But still, we’re totally vibin’ to this color combo. Hbu?

Get The Duo: D’Lilac + 24k Gold Chrome